Sophie is back in business. But not tnameat. We’ll give him some time but for any updates or questions, you can join and DISCUSS in our Yahoo Group. Feel free. Anyway… aside from bad news, there are always something good… I rarely post two threads on the blog but… I was late and I said to tna in a conversation I would post these pics as soon as possible. Sophie Reade is favorite to many. She’s blonde, white and she has enormous boobs. She recently had a second boob job but I don’t see the difference. I’ll be honest, I prefer Sophie over Alice Goodwin. Sophie has the cute and sometimes innocent attitude. So here are mostly why I like her that much. Thanks to AdamC for the scans.

There’s no doubt Holly became a favorite but in my case, a day it’s Melissa Debling and the other is Holly Peers. Today it’s definitely Holly. Stop the press, these pics are fresh from the Page 3 website and I don’t think she looked THAT good since a short while but she’s just… perfect. I don’t have any other words but this : perfect. All natural, smiling, hot poses, wonderful eyes and marvelous breasts as always! Those who had doubts about Holly should take a look now.

Remember my last post featuring Jessica-Jane Clement? She has been a fav. of mine since a long time. I don’t care about the fact she has tattoos. She looks beautiful and her tattoos give her some sort of personality. She’s not the only one having eccentric tattoos (Sophie Howard and her great breasts). But there, with Jessy-Jane, we see a little more than usual so I’ll let you have a look. Pics are from Nuts website.

So… looks like we’ve some little trouble out there. tnameat will be unable to write articles for a moment so I’m now responsible of this blog for a time. I’ve got a serious pressure but I’ll try to do my best. I must admit I’m somehow stubborn when it comes about women but… when I find one that everyone can appreciate, then no problems. So, I’ll just make tnameat happy (and everyone of you) by showing some classic pics of Michelle Marsh I found since her website has been revamped. Michelle has been a long-time favorite and… well, you know the routine. I don’t think we’ll see her in modelling but she’s one of those models we don’t want to forget. I was lucky enough to see her comeback three years ago in Loaded Magazine but these pics are totally unknown to me. I don’t know which magazine they’re from… so you know what to do.

So, while we’re on it… you should check up my profile and see my main hobby apart of White Goddess : I personally work on two fan blogs, one featuring the beautiful brunette Holly Peers and another featuring the fantastic blonde Melissa Debling. Feel free to drop any comments.

Sophie Reade is one of my favorite models, she to me is just one of the sexiest models out there in the world. This beautiful white woman likes her black men too, which is an added bonus. She is a somewhat mainstream celebrity in Britain and her boobs in my opinion should be considered a national treasure, even here in the states.

Penny Mathis is a favorite here on the blog, she still remains one of the most searched women on the blog despite her not producing a ton of material as of late. Still I came across this little gem recently where she is modeling for the camera and for photos. I’d love to be the guy directing her, getting to tell a beautiful woman like her what to do. You also get a small glimpse at some of the work a woman has to pose well for the camera, of course since Penny knows she’s being recorded I’m sure she’s playing it up a bit and they are avoiding very hard poses, but it’s a sexy video and one I’m sure white women appreciators will enjoy.

There is a new tumblr page you all should follow its called “Snow Bunny Hill” and it is a umblr blog for men who prefer white women. There is some great stuff on here, it just started up so it needs your support and follows! Be sure to check it out and start following it at the link below:


Happy tumbling! The movement grows stronger each day!