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All White Women are beautiful.  That is a given.  As far as hair color is concerned, we have many to choose from.  Our “White Meat” banner is good, and one thing to keep in mind for our next one will be to include blondes and redheads in addition to brunettes and dark-haired White Women. 

Personally, I love blondes the most and I will continue to praise them.  I also love redheads.  At times, redheads get lost in the conversation of beautiful White Women.  Brunettes and dark-haired White Women are great too.  I have included a video that is a tribute to redheads.  Let’s not forget about redheads – they are beautiful, distinctive, and rare in number compared to other White Women.  The fact that redheads are smaller in number makes me appreciate them in a special way.

Click on the link below, enjoy the video and remember, redheads are red hot!

Tribute to Redheads

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One of the many, many reasons why White Women are the most attractive race of women on the planet is because of their pretty eyes.  Non-white women have boring eye colors, the vast majority of them have only one eye color.  There are exceptions, but most only have brown eyes.

White Women, on the other hand, have a wide range of eye colors.  These lovely ladies can have blue, green, blue-green, green-blue, gray, or brown eyes.  In addition to that, there are variations within those colors.  For example, the blue eyes can be light, medium or dark blue.  The captivating eyes of the White Woman is definitely something to behold! 

Vote now on the most attractive eye color on White Women!


Beautiful Blues on this Bombshell!


Baby Browns on this Babe!








Gorgeous Grays on this Queen!












Great Green Eyes on this Knockout!













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As requested here are some pictures of the beautiful Kate Beckinsale!

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It’s women like Denise that make me really question how some people can try to say white women aren’t the most beautiful women on earth.

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Recently, tnameat posted a great sampling of University of Southern Cal cheerleaders.  The USC babes are the best-looking cheerleaders in the country, year after year.  There are also great White Women cheerleaders on other squads, which I will include in later posts.  Overall, there is no doubt about who is best.  The USC White Ladies have it all, they are white, have great-looking faces and very womanly bodies.  The following is a gallery of a woman named Jacquelyn, a recent grad of USC who was a Trojans cheerleader.  She is all-around hot.  It doesn’t matter if she is in a plaid shirt, a USC cheerleader uniform, a sexy two piece outfit or anything else for that matter!













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Oh what I would do to live in Italy with all these beautiful white women to pick from.

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