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Back in April, this myth took another beating.  On Rachael Ray’s March Menu Mania contest, a White Woman, Mandi Forester was crowned the winner.  Not only was the winner a White Woman, the final two recipe contestants were White Women.  Mandi won with her white chicken chili recipe.  The runner-up, Sara Mayer, also impressed with her chick n’ ranch crescent squares.  Who says that only black females can only cook chicken?  White Women can cook chicken and in a way that is tasteful and healthy.  Black females cook chicken that is fried to kill.  Both of Rachael Ray’s finalists made their meals and their samples were distributed to the audience members at the television show.  Both of the White Ladies wowed the audience with their creative recipes. 

Now, it should be no surprise that two White Women were the finalists.  However, in this overly politically-correct society there may well have been a black female among the finalists.  Black females are thought to be good cooks when they only succeed in hacking years off the lives of their families and themselves.  Black females are tremendously overrated as cooks.  They fry food to death.  They add incredibly fattening ingredients.  They are not good, healthy cooks.    These facts were definitely observed by the producers and audience members who tried the meals of the cooking contestants.  You would think that in this overly politically-correct society that one black female would be chosen.  Well, even in an overly PC culture, they couldn’t find one black female even as a finalist.  They know the truth.  White Women are better.  White Women are better cooks.

White Women can cook and are sexy too!

White Women are better cooks than black females and are sexier too!

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The sexy Brandy Robbins always gets my blood pumping! She’s got a great set of tits, lovely eyes too and her nipples are just begging to be sucked!

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Transformers 2 is worth the price of admission, it’s a fast paced action packed joy ride sure to entertain fans of the original cartoon and people unfamiliar with it alike. It was a lot of fun, and I just got back from seeing it a few hours ago. From a film standpoint its a lot of fun, not the Slumdog Millionaire or Dark Knight of the year but entertaining.

But here is why I’m talking about this movie on White Meat: Megan Fox. Okay, I admit that’s an over simplification and doesn’t tell the whole story. Yes, Megan Fox is a beautiful just drop dead gorgeous white woman but a lot of movies have beautiful white women in them, but this movie takes that to an entirely different level.

Every and I mean EVERY woman featured in this film as an object of attraction or lust is a white woman. Even the extras in a fake college of an overwhelming number of beautiful women is filled with virtually only white women. I watched closely and I can only think of one moment in that film where I even saw a black woman featured with hot women and this was during the credits and she wasnt even presented as an object of attraction even the female transformer bots were white women! It was incredible! I had a fantastic time just looking at the women in this movie! In all honesty it had to be 98% white women making up for the total number of women in this film. A+ on that front!

So please go out and buy a ticket to see this film, its almost a love song to the beauty of white women. It deserves our support and just in case you still are on the fence here are some pics of the alluring Megan Fox.

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Sounds weird to say on this blog, but black always looks good on her!

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It is a potentially very serious dilemma, that one day as parents of a boy we may sadly come to face. What does a father or mother do when their child starts showing an attraction for non-white women? There are a lot of answers but in a general sense the answer is keep this attraction from growing and be sure to make that child never again lust after a non-white woman. Basically nip it in the bud.

Now as I’ve mentioned before in a previous article my mother was always worried society would trick me into thinking white women were evil unhealthy creatures that were forbidden and really just a bunch of light skinned whores. Luckily she loved me enough to guide my already natural love for white women into my absolute honor of them today. But all of our children wont be so lucky and might find themselves one day having an attraction to a non-white woman.

Its actually not hard to see why this would happen. Beyonce is considered by many to be one of the world’s biggest stars, the first lady Michelle Obama is often praised as the pinnacle of American fashion and a role model to young women of all races but in particular black. There is of course the biracial Alicia Keys and Halle Berry. Then there are other biracial or light skinned Hispanic/non-white women that basically promote themselves as white women but aren’t take for example: Eva Mendez, Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian. So its easy to see why younger boys might get confused on the identity of true beauty.

The key is not to openly condemn or get angry at your child for his budding attraction. This will only cause a potentially large rebellion in his subconscious and will drive him away from white women just to spite you. What you need to do is try to indirectly explain why white women are superior in; beauty, health, motherhood, style, innovation etc. Teach them about the great white women of history and of course ignore or if you must acknowledge a non-white woman dont talk her up, present another white woman in that same time or area that also did great things and really talk her up, as she deserves to be.

Present your child with logical stats, about how non-white women generally tend to live shorter lives. Talk about the black woman’s struggle to get married, and present how many non-white single mothers and ask them why they think that is. If your child brings home a non-white woman be polite to the girl after all it is not her fault she is not the cream of the crop but as soon as she leaves criticize her and tell your son to steer clear of her. But do all of this in love, as you arent doing this for yourself you are doing it for the benefit of him.

They are waiting for them just guide them in the right direction.

They are waiting for them just guide them in the right direction.

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For the past four months Denise Milani has been the most searched woman on this blog hmmmmmm I wonder why?

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Ashley Russell may be the hottest sports reporter that not everyone knows about, a best-kept secret.  She is white, blonde, busty and beautiful.  She can be seen on Rivals.com reporting on the current college sports news and on Yahoo Sports reporting on all of the major general sports news every day.  Don’t miss her – she often wears great-looking outfits that compliment her curvy figure.  Ashley also has nice, full lips and wears lipstick to show it.  Her hair is incredible – she has long, beautiful blonde hair that looks great straight or wavy.  She also often wears big, girly earrings and accessories that are a great turn-on.  If you haven’t seen or heard of Ashley Russell, you have now and you should be glad that you did!  Look at her on the sampled links and her photos and you will be a believer!






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