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Hey guys you can now read chapter two of my epic online story about a world where white women no longer exist. Check it out by going to this link


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Blake Livley

Most of us here are in agreement that white women are the best of all women, so we must show her (remind her) how we feel. We must never let her have doubts about her superiority, or how she is viewed in our eyes. So every day (not just on special occasions) make time to show a white woman just how special she is.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of any sort either. (Just something small). Women appreciate the little things
For instance:

If Im on a train and its standing room only, I take pride in giving up my seat for a white woman to sit, it feels great to offer her a form of comfort or relief. One night at a club, I noticed a group of white women having trouble making their way through the crowd to the bathroom, (Im a pretty built and big guy) so I cleared a path for them to get through they were very grateful, and we actually hung out when they came back from the ladies room.

A few weeks ago I noticed a guy offer this very pretty blonde to help carry her grocery bags back to her place, (now given this day and age she declined, and rightfully so) but I thought it was a nice gesture anyway as she was sorely over encumbered.

So as we enter this new year, lets show our favorite women that chivalry is still alive and well, lets keep that pedestal shining bright for her beautiful white feet to stand on, what do you do to make a white women feel special?

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What I’d fo that have her as my gift under the tree! Happy Holidays!

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Okay so here is something I want to start this year, theannual White Goddess Awards 12 categories 12 winners. But we need some nominees first, and fast so you have until December 29th to nominate women for the awards. The qualifications to be nominated for a white goddess award are simple;

Rules: Must be at least 75% Caucasian preferably 100%. Must be attractive. Must still be alive.


  1. Best Breasts
  2. Best Ass
  3. Best Legs
  4. Best Face
  5. Hair Color of the Year (Blonde, Red, Brunette etc.)
  6. Best non-nude model
  7. Best nude model
  8. Best Sex Fantasy (which woman would be best in bed)
  9. Best Wife Fantasy (which woman would make best wife/mother)
  10. Ugliest non-white woman media forces us to view as “attractive”
  11. Best non-model (actress, singer, politician, reporter etc.)
  12. White Goddess of 2009

Alright you guys you can nominate as many women as you like for every category. Have fun!

The White Goddess Awards of 2009. Nominate Now!

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Now these are the kind of posters I wish were hanging up at my school growing up!

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I really like Sophie Howard what a cute little babe! Enjoy more of her pics.

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BIG boobs don’t necessarily go with small brains.

In fact, a new study shows busty women are often more intelligent than those with flat chests.

Sociologists studied 1200 women and matched their IQ-test results with their bra size.

Their conclusion – the myth that well-rounded women are not smart should be shelved, along with the idea that all blondes are dumb.

As if to prove the point, busty movie star Jayne Mansfield (40-18- 36) had an IQ of 160 and Marilyn Monroe was not as dumb as she was made out to be.

Other busty stars with brains include Kiwi-born writer Pamela Stevenson, Sharon Stone (IQ 156), Jody Foster, Oprah Winfrey, Elle Macpherson and porn actress Asia Carrera among others are prime examples.

So to the society that hates big chested white women I saw up yours! That’s right flat chests, you lose again!

I'd fail the class just to stay with her.

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