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I’m confident in my looks, I feel I’m a sexy woman. Regardless of race I think confidence creates sex appeal. I think a woman who knows she’s sexy is that much sexier. And that goes whether your black, white, brown, yellow or orange!

That being said we all know that white women are the best, and people should not be bitter about that. Some people are born tall enough to dunk a basketball, others a born with a brain that can solve math problems faster. There are certain advantages and disadvantages given to everyone. Sure I was born with great looks but I do have to work out to keep those looks 3 times a week. And I have the disadvantage of being bad at science that hurt be during high school and college. It hurt my GPA so much in high school I wasn’t able to get into my #1 choice University. (Georgetown).

But yes I have natural beauty, and by natural beauty and by that I mean both inside and out. I’m not a jealous or insecure person. I see a woman who I deem is more pretty than me like a Lucy Pinder or a Heidi Klum I just marvel at them. But I’m not jealous, it doesn’t make me feel bitter or insecure. I know TNA spends a lot of time looking at sexy naked women, I don’t care because he still likes me. I’m real to him, I’m his woman, he’s my man why should I be scared of a woman on a screen? Megan Fox is not going to step out of the TV and steal him from me.

Sure yes there are real women out there who are somewhat a threat, COUGH! his co-worker. But I also know that we have something special. I don’t know maybe if I was a non-white woman I’d be more insecure afraid of every single white woman my man saw, but I doubt it. If I felt secure about myself there’d be no reason to, and if he did cheat I could flip him the bird and get a new, better man. Because I’ve “got it” and someone will want it.

So bring it on black women spreading lies about me and my people saying that; we can’t dance, we don’t have soul, we don’t have booty, we’ll let men walk all over us, we’re weak, we’re man stealing whores. Bring it on Asian woman tell your men that we aren’t respectful, that we aren’t skilled in anything other than looking pretty. Bring it on Latinas say that we are plain, boring, gold diggers. I don’t care because I know the truth about myself and white women.

Fact of the matter is white women win. We win all the time, and we’ll continue to win forever, you can’t beat us. But its not like were trying to beat you either non-white women. We’ve got what we want, the only person stopping non-white women from getting what they want is themselves! You want a man, a “good” man you do what it takes to get that man, if he really likes you a white woman ain’t gonna stand in his way. That is…unless we want him more….

Jennifer Connelly isn't going to steal your man, so why get jealous and hateful about it?

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I watch wrestling from time to time and I admit it I love the women. TNA Wrestling for sure has the hottest female wrestlers, check out Lacey Von Erich and then tell me white women aren’t the best!

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The other day while browsing Youtube, I found a video by a woman claiming that black men loving white women was lust. I forgot to bookmark the video, but none the less I figured I would write about it. Now seeing that I am white I can’t speak for black men, but I give a pretty good comparison to the issue.

Now I love white women a great deal, but I also like asian women. It seems like when ever men like a different race that automatically makes their love for that race lustful. I am sure many of you have heard the myth that white men & black men like asian women, for lust and control. This same myth can (and is) placed on black men when they say they like white women. To many people black men only want to be with white women for lust and control.

Before I wrote this article I asked a few black  friends of mine why they liked white women. Out of the three people the answers always had these words in them; respect, kindness, and love. All these men wanted was for a woman to be kind and loving and to also respect them.They don’t just want white women so they can control them and use them for sex. I for one am sick of this myth because in most cases its not the truth!

Now in a few cases there are men who choose a race for lustful reasons. I am proud to say I like white women and asian women. Not for lust or control, but because they are kind, caring, and respectful. I hope you too share the same reasons as my friends and I do. Prove people wrong and show that you love white women for the right reasons!

Final Thoughts:  To all women not all attractions are lustful or control based. Most are due to good reasons and feelings. To the men please choose women for the right reasons and not the wrong ones!

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The top hat doesn’t stay on for very long, I wish certain other things didn’t stay on as long either.

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Denise Milani is just about damn near perfect to me as a woman. Here she is having a ball in purple undies.

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I personally was never much into the show Lost, I did DVR the final episode and I will check it out later. But one thing cool about Lost is all the beautiful white women on the show. One of them being “Kate” or “Freckles” check out some sexy pics of Evangeline Lilly.

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Beyonce wearing her weave, you can see where the sewn in hair is causing stress to her scalp.

I don’t get weaves. For those who don’t know what a weave is, a weave is basically human hair from another person which is literally sewn into the scalp of a woman. It works like extensions but more intrusive and permament. Though you still have to reapply the weave to continue. And these things aren’t cheap. Good Indian Hair (Indian Hair means that literally East Indian women sold their cut hair to make this weave) go upwards of $800! I’m not joking people, people are paying $800 sometimes thousands of bucks to wear someone else’s hair!!!!

Who usually buy weaves? African-American women who generally cant grow long flowly hair. You see naturally long silky hair is not a common trait in the African genome. Speaking frankly usually only North Africans have even the slight chance of being able to grow long European type hair. This creates a problem for African-American women who must compete with Asians, Latinas and of course White Women for attention.

Men are generally attracted to the more European type hair, so in order to make that appeal black women have to buy fake hair. Its pathetic! They are wasting good money trying to be like a class of women they will never be. Now some black women do have naturally flowy hair, but these are women who are generally mixed with something other than African.

So here is the question why after all this do black women act so hostile towards white women around “their men”? The answer is jealousy, and fear. Black women can’t even grow hair like I have, and since its a standard of beauty in this world, no matter how wrong or right it is for it to be most black women seem to want and try and be like us. Us as in white women. Why can’t they be confident in themselves? Some are, but it seems to be from my vantage point that most are trying to be “black” but at the same time trying to be sexually appealing by grasping at this “white” look.

Here is the major problem though, their men will eventually find out they wear a weave. What happens when his hard earned money starts going into fake hair, or when they are having sex and he can’t even caress her head because he’ll mess up her weave. There is a reason black women can’t hang out in the rain very long, it totally messes up their fake ass hair! So I have something to tell those weave wearing women, stop trying so hard. You don’t have our kind of hair you never will! Your men like our kind of hair and there ain’t nothing you can do about it! Period.

Paltrow with her perfect hair, that women spend thousands on trying to imitate

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