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Sophie Reade is a busty blonde from the UK and here she is getting topless for the popular and prestigious Nuts magazine. Take a look!

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Its hard to believe that this blog has over a million hits. When I first started this blog, I honestly did not think it would become this popular, this important. I thought it would be a mere few months before the hate comments and e-mails would overwhelm me and I’d have to shut this blog down, but people really found this place to be a haven and thats when I knew despite all the problems that this blog was worth creating, and maintaining.

This blog was created because I realized a sad truth, that black men could not publicly love white women. That it was still considered a social taboo and something that could cause alienation from friends and even family. But this blog quickly evolved as I realized it was all men white, black Asian, Hispanic would could not express their love for white women. That even white women were not allowed to tout their good looks, and that a black woman could never side with a white woman without being ridiculed. I realized white women were on a lot of people’s minds and for various reasons they were taught to keep it all inside. Repress their feelings. White Women were painted as evil.

This is not to say that non-white women dont have struggles but white women truly face a struggle that is not addressed. They are oppressed openly and ridiculed publicly. Yet they cannot defend themselves, and neither can any other type of person. They are the pinnacle and yet the punching bag of everyone. I guess the saying is true “when you are at the top, everyone wants to knock you down.”

This blog became something so much more than just a blog of hot women and editorials, it became a movement right before my eyes. It became a source of enlightenment for people, it became a battleground of controversy. It became a discussed issue. I remember the changes like when we changed our name from White Meat to White Goddess. I remember the writers of the past who helped build the site. I remember the people like Guru who tried to tear it down, and through it all the blog is still here. Maybe I’m placing too much importance on this blog but I truly do believe it is a beacon. Yes we show porn here but I’d argue its basically always in good taste and the articles posted on here are usually thought provoking and educational.

This blog is far from perfect, but I feel its an important blog to have. My hope is that more and more blogs like this will pop up and people will cotninue to come to this site to marvel at the white women of the world. This has been a great experience for me, and I hope it has been for you. We have over a million hits and can’t wait for 2 million. This blog has been climbing in views and popularity with each passing month. I’d like to eventually have models pose for this blog with exclusive photos for this blog, but thats a long way off I believe. So Spread the word and remember to all of you who love and honor the white woman YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

White Women: How could you not love this?

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As we near ever so close to that one millionth post, I invite several things to happen. First you should know that I’m encouraging all regular authors on this blog to write an essay/reflective post about their time on this blog and what it means to them. But I also want to post the users/visitors of this blog’s thoughts on this website and what it means to them. But I want to post everyone’s as a surprise. So please send your thoughts to tnameat@yahoo.com it can be as long as you’d like or as short as you want entirely up to you. Send it soon though as we are nearing the one million mark and I plan to post user posts on this subject AFTER the authors have posted their thoughts so you only have a few days. Thank you!

What does this blog and white women mean to you?

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While Walking down Hollywood blvd the other day….

A bronzed brunette breezes right by me-cracks a smile, and has just made my day. “Ahhh” I think to myself “It just doesn’t get any better than white women”, I remember the first time I ever (had) one she was brunette just like the girl who passed, so passionate and so much more satisfying than the women I have had before her, she played a huge part in being responsible for the love I have for white women today!

Treat her like a Goddess, and shell treat you like a King!

The first article I wrote on this site was entitled “Treat her like a goddess” it spoke on the importance of how we should treat our favorite women (White women), make her feel appreciated and keep her on the pedestal where she so rightly belongs! Well I’m sure it is not news to those of you who know white women well, but just so you know she will definitely reciprocate! I got the royal treatment by a random white woman walking before me into an ice cream shop, not only did she open the door for me and insist I enter first, but she also gave me the run down of what flavors were the best, and chatted me up afterward, felt like i had my own concierge for a moment it was great! I was definitely feeling the love!

Basketball and white women…

After my team was eliminated in the playoffs I was distraught (yup I’m one of those hard core fans), but I mean to watch these guys all year play so hard and finish with the best record you expect great things and when you get let down it hurts! Well folks I was pretty hurt, and white women made me feel better =) lol! No it was’nt the mere thought of them that made me feel better (but actual white women) who took me in my pathetic state and nursed me back to perfect mental health! Their actually good friends (and one of em with benefits), so they took me for a night on the town of pure hedonism, a lot of drinking and yes a few benefits as well, all in all it was a great night and I ended up feeling sooooo much better!

Ahh well basketball season is over and with what feels like a looonng summer off, I will be watching some baseball, and some world cup while going through basketball withdrawals =\ (oh well should be an action packed free agency) hoping my favorite player can join a championship caliber team at last(he needs to start winning championships! But anyway as I was surfing NBA.COM a video comes up of a postgame interview with Derrick Rose ( point guard of the Chicago Bulls). This particular clip of Rose took place after a regular season game against the boston celtics, in the post game interview he gets a a compliment from a huge fan-Marissa Miller!

Nothing better than a lovely white woman showing her admiration for you, and complementing you on your talent after a hard fought, physical and grueling game!

*I found out that Marisa is apparently a big fan of D-Rose and has even played him one on one……who knows maybe she showed him just how big a fan she was after this vid! =)

Ummm Derrick I think Marisa would like another match of one on one…….

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We are getting close and closer to that one millionth hit mark. Thought I’d repost this classic vid, I still love her meaty nipples.

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Ive posted on Kylie before. Well I at least posted a picture and I know its been a while since Ive posted anything on this blog so I figured now was the right time. lol I just love Kylie in a weird way, something about her body beckons me and then I get lost in the movement of her body. No its not a sexual thing I’m sure any woman on here could tell you that us ladies can appreciate the sensuality of a woman even if we don’t have a sexual attraction to them. I discovered Kylie when tnameat left a window with her dancing on screen minimized one day while I was alone in his room. I wasn’t mad in the least, I was captivated by her beauty and raw sexual passion. I’m sure you’ll be the same way.

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Wendy Combattente is a former SportsbyBrooks girl who has made a name for herself thanks to her impressively massive 32J boobs. Wendy is of Polish and Italian descent and man she makes me want to move to both places! She has a new website called wendy4.com be sure to check it out, show some support for this white woman. Here are some sexy pics of her in a pool.

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