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Its no secret I love Denise, and in the wake of rumors that she has been secretly married with a 10 year old kid all this time in a while we may know if she is a certified MILF or not! Regardless Denise is smoking!

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In an effort to branch out and gain more members for White Goddess I have created a yahoo! group in the past few days. My hope is that this will draw more people in to our website. Also this group will serve as a back up in a worst case scenario where something bad happens to this blog. (That is highly doubtful but still better safe than sorry). So please anyone who regularly comments on here please join this group! Click the link below this paragraph!


The movement is expanding, be a part of it!

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Haven’t done one of these in a while. Okay two female wrestlers in one corner its Torrie Wilson in the other its Velvet Sky. Both have a big following from horny men, so now its time to decide whose hotter? The poll will close in 7 days.

Torrie Wilson

Velvet Sky

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We’ve all heard people joke about it before. White women are soft and can’t raise kids properly. They say white women want to be the best friends of their children, that they will back down once their kid starts to show too much rebellion. They say white women don’t know how to discipline their own kids. Basically white women similar to being submissive also are inept in raising children. This is of course a myth that once again due to the ignorance of America and parts of the world I must debunk.

So how did this myth get started? Well its kind of tied in to the previous lie I talked about where non-white women tend to paint white women as submissive frail creatures. Here people are told that white women due to being so frail cannot raise their own children and lack the ability to be even firm but fair with their kids causing white children to grow up into bad people.

Now let’s just stop right there with that. If white women are truly so bad at raising their children then how come there are a large amount of blacks and Hispanics in the American prison system? I am not naive I know part of the reason so many are in jail is due to; racial profiling, socioeconomic conditions (partly created by the very evil brand of the white race) and just lack of opportunities. But not all of this is due to this and in the end regardless some personal responsibility has to be taken into account. As a white woman am I meant to believe that just by default I cannot be tough on my kids and grow them up into functioning citizens? I don’t know how ALL white women act but I personally never got away with back talking to my mom and I’m sure my kids won’t.

Still being a mother who can discipline/raise her children is not a trait exclusive to one race. I think good motherhood knows no color. I just don’t like how white women are somehow depicted as incapable of proper motherly skills. I mean come on people the HALF black President of the United States was raised basically exclusively by white women. I think he grew up okay, even if he isn’t the superman president we all hoped he’d be.

So I’m not going on a big rant here, I’m not claiming white female superiority in this genre because that would be ridiculous. There are good and bad mothers in all races, thats a personality trait not one of culture. So let’s just set the record straight here: white women can be excellent mothers who know how to discipline their children in love and that includes; lectures, spankings and groundings. We’ve been raising kids for a long time, don’t come at us like that! We don’t tell you how to raise your children so don’t tell us how to raise our own!

Lucy Becker one hot momma (Certified MILF)

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I’m sure our blonde aficionados will love this set. And of course our haters who recnelty have been posting about race mixing should know that there are plenty of FINE white women getting with black men and having mixed kids. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! While the rest of us stroke it!

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I know these pics are old but I figured, what the hell its about damn time I posted these on the site. I love Rachel (whose a natural blonde) as a red head and as a blonde as well. But gonna show her some love, only wearing jeans and a beater and she is killing it out there. Can’t wait for the sequel!

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Okay so finally found some time in my busy schedule to talk about these myths that really bug me when spread about white women. Usually these myths are spouted off by non-white women. I don’t want to draw too much comparison because some people AKA haters/idiots get angry when our site isn’t 100% about white women when we “bash” non-white girls. But let’s be honest right here have you ever read a pro-black woman or pro-asian woman blog where they didn’t draw comparison to other races? When you find a blog be sure to let me know Ill be right here waiting for it.

Okay so lets look at this myth that white women are somehow “submissive” and or “push overs” now of course this is speaking in broad terms. There are women of all races who are submissive and pushovers thats a personality trait that can pop up anywhere. Which is one more reason for me to hate this stereotype. I mean let’s look at it. How are white women submissive? White (and yes even black women) stood side by side and helped earn women the right to vote in 1920. Actually in the state of Wyoming women who were usually helping the men side by side were already allowed to vote, just not in national elections due to state rights. (I wonder how the tea party would feel about all this liberalism giving women the right to vote?) Anyway white women have long fought against oppression from men and other enemies. For example: what color was Joan of Arc? Or Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mary. Bloody Mary actually, both these women were ruthless bitches (in the good/badass way…well maybe not Queen Mary…) anyway these ladies were far from push overs.

The reason white women are seen as pushovers/submissive is due to masculine controlled media which for centuries has popularized the idea. Because in America for a long time only white women were shown on screen they were always displayed by chauvinistic directors as weak and or submissive. That was the way men WANTED them not how most of them were and are. Time has gone on and women of all races are now more often shown as tough in the media yet still the myth about white women remains. Why is this so? Was it not Hariet Beecher-Stowe who wrote a radical book against slavery? She was a white woman who had a lot to loose by speaking out.

How are white women the submissive ones? White women are the rulers of such striving countries as Germany and Iceland. Of course usually when people talk about white women being submissive they mean in a relationship. That a white woman will just let her man walk all over her and will do whatever he says. What a load of bull! How in a country with a divorce rate over 50% are all these so called white women just letting men run them. Man those divorces must have all been asked for by the men. The women must have been on their knees begging not to have the man go through with the divorce? See how sick non-white women are in the head with these lies? I mean how do they explain Elin when she took a golf club to Tiger’s head when she found out she was cheating? Is she a submissive white woman?

How come black women never talk about all the rural and still very traditional tribes in Africa which will literally and heinously mutilate the female genitalia of young women so they will not cheat or end up having wild sex. Destroying their chance to experience sexual pleasure? No wives stand up to their husbands and men when this happens? Sounds pretty submissive to me. What about how they still in many African cities and villages flaten young girl’s breasts so they can not distract men, despite all the health problems it causes. These women don’t sound like independent free non-submissive women to me.

I think these jealous non-white women are mistaking if I may borrow from lovewhitemeat2 here: Partnership and cooperation with submission. You know a man like to feel like he’s needed in some capacity in your life. Most men don’t want full control, they just want to feel as if what they feel is important. But so many women (and you see this more with non-white women) see this as them coming at them in the wrong way. Trying to control them. Ladies don’t kid yourselves. Being the man in the relationship should still mean something, it means that he is an equal partner who should have some say in what happens just as much as you do. You don’t need to submit to him and just let him run you, but you do need to respect him.

So are white women submissive and pushovers? Is that the only way non-white women can explain why white women are better at getting their men they are? I think thats what it really boils down to, another pathetic excuse from the always looking for one black community. And yes I know I’m a white girl, but as a woman whose on the outside looking in thats what I see. I date tnameat and its a partnership, we cooperate, we tell each other how we feel. And yes sometimes we have our disagreements, but I am no pushover. I’ll tell him as it is, I’m an independent woman who doesn’t NEED him, but I WANT him and thats why it works. Because we work together. So next time one of you non-white girls sees a white girl with a black guy and thinks to say “oh he’s just with her because he can control her.” look deep inside and see how jealous you truly are. Because if you don’t fix yourselves as a community it won’t be long before black men realize that they have plenty of BETTER options to choose from for a mate.

She may not be able to do a neck roll but she can make a head roll

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