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Holly Peers the British glamour model cannot be denied the fact that she is beautiful and pleasant to look at. And I know I personally enjoyed this topless video of her a lot, so I’m figuring most of you will too.

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Two young actresses who have a good amount of acting talent and have been in hit movies. So here is the most important question, which one is hotter?

Kat Dennings

Emma Stone

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What happens the beautiful and busty Jordan Carver takes a walk with her dog alone? Well in this terrifying and sexy video Carver lives out a personal roleplay fantasy of hers and delights with this non-traditional video. This is something you’d probably never see Denise Milani or Lucy Pinder do, and for me it makes her stand out a bit more in the video department.

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Halloween is coming up soon and the beautiful Denise Milani is ready for it in her sexy nurse outfit. One thing is for sure if she was a nurse her patients would never have a problem with erectile dysfunction. I’m sure they’d want to prove that to her as well.

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Its been a while guys………so just a few things I’ve seen regarding those Goddesses known as white women….

While @ the Beverly center…

As I was going up the escalator I noticed a pretty white girl going down the opposite escalator from the corner of my eye (my white girl radar I call it), as I turned to look at her closely I thought “hey isn’t she that bitchy blonde from Spartacus?!” (I didnt know her name at the time), but it was, I yelled out “hey I love your show” (could’nt think of anything cooler to say at the time, but hey you might by dumbfounded too in the presence of such a goddess so dont judge!) She smiled and said thanks. I wasnt super surprised as the Beverly center (which is located pretty much at the mouth of Beverly hills is usually always crawling with Hollywood types).

Back to Viva though…

Viva Bianca hails from Australia, and sports beautiful blond locks, as well as a classic Caucasian look that I love!

I love/hate the character she portrays on Spartacus! On the one hand I love the bitchy, conceited, and snobby character she plays. But I also cant wait to see her pay for all the dirty deeds shes done!

Give that white woman her props!

One way or the other…a non-white woman at some point in her life will compliment a white woman….whether she intends to or not! Whether it be dying their hair blond, or getting blue contact lenses, or implants to mimic those naturally endowed white breasts (these are all unspoken compliments to white women). It demonstrates perfectly how other women wish to be (like) them! Now, I realize wonder woman is only a comic book character but she is portrayed as a strong and beautiful white brunette! While at one of my (black female) friends’ house one night for a party I happened to walk past her room to notice a huge portrait of Lynda Carter (the actress who played wonder woman in the original 1970 film). She’s always telling me and our friends about how much she loves wonder woman, and considers wonder woman to be her alter ego! She even has Lynda Carter as the screensaver for her pc! In any case I think it is great when a white woman can see how appreciated they are, and just how much of an inspiration they can be to other women! I love it even more when non-white women give them the props they are due for being so awesome! Its always better to admire, (rather than envy)!

Wonder woman is right!

The importance of white feet

I was hanging out with two of my white female friends the other day and we got into an interesting topic….feet! Lol now I know not everyone is into feet but I happen to love them! And for all the women I have dated white, black, mexican etc. etc. I have required that they keep their toes well taken care of cuz I mean…..who really wants a girl with some jacked up toes??…Not me! One of my friends mentioned how shes always catching black men, (other men as well) staring at her feet and how she will then playfully dangle her shoes on the tip of her toes (torture)! I told her how cruel she was! They know I love white women and the fact that I have managed to keep them as (only) friends for this long, gets me a nice hook-up with their friends every now and again =). Then they began grilling me on why I had a thing for feet, and particularly white womens feet, I reasoned that it was because they were attatched to the white women but my friend took it a step further…her theory was that because of times where we (black men) were not able to look above a white womans feet, that not only do we now have a fixation with white women but their feet as well. She suggested that if any human being was restricted to look at only a certain place on anothers body without ever seeing their face, you would use that body part to imagine the rest of them, and conceive how they look. IE. If you were only allowed to look at a persons stomach and it was very fat, you might reason that, that person isnt very attractive, a person with boney legs or arms will likely have an boney face etc. etc. I teased her for being way wayy to technical about it, and insisted that I am just a foot freak in general but we all agreed that white women typically have nicer feet than other women, and that more often will you find a white woman with shapely, well arched and taken care of feet than any others!

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San Diego Chargers may be struggling a bit this season but their cheer squad isn’t. Known for their great boobs and fun spirit check out these pics of the sultry squad.

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Peta Todd is a naturally busty British model who also is a mother and even at one point posed while pregnant. Now that is a sexy woman. Peta Todd needs to do more work, she flies too under the radar. If you dont agree let your voice be heard but I doubt you’ll be doing that.

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