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Alright people! Let’s get down to business! Its time to vote for the woman you think should win each individual category in the 2nd annual White Goddess Awards 2010! You may only vote once per category, so make it count and be sure to share with us if you’d like who you voted for! Percentages and results will be kept a secret until 2011 when the winners will be revealed. Click the “More” button to start voting. You only have 7 days to vote so get to it.


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Wow! Here we are folks over 2 million hits on this site, its such a humbling feeling really, I hope that many have come to this site and experienced the beauty and splendor of the white woman. Its always such a great feeling when people contact me or comment on this site how this blog helped them and maybe made it so they werent afraid to admit to others or maybe just themselves how much they love white women. This means a lot to me and to so many people out there who feel the same way we do about white women. So congrats everyone on making this all possible and to celebrate here are two beautiful blonde white women playing with each other in a bathtub….

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Michelle Marsh is posing in this set as a warrior, and I’ve gotta say she wears the hunter look well. Some may call it primitive I call it perverse in all the right ways! If African warriors looked more like her I feel more teenage boys would be eager to buy National Geographic magazines.

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The annual White Goddess Awards are back! 13 categories 13 winners. But we need some nominees first, and fast so you have until December 29th to nominate women for the awards. The qualifications to be nominated for a white goddess award are simple;

Rules: Must be at least 65% Caucasian preferably as close to 100% as possible. Must still be alive.


  1. Best Breasts
  2. Best Ass
  3. Best Legs
  4. Best Face
  5. Best Feet
  6. Hair Color of the Year (Blonde, Red, Brunette etc.)
  7. Best non-nude model
  8. Best nude model
  9. Best Sex Fantasy (which woman would be best in bed)
  10. Best Wife Fantasy (which woman would make best wife/mother)
  11. Ugliest non-white woman media forces us to view as “attractive”
  12. Best non-model (actress, singer, politician, reporter etc.)
  13. White Goddess of 2010

Alright you guys you can nominate as many women as you like for every category. Have fun! Oh and click “Last year’s winners” to see which White Goddesses took home the prizes:

White Goddess Awards 2009 Results

Denise dominated in 09, who will win this year?

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I’m not sure what it is exactly about Penny that makes me get so hot for her. Maybe its her gorgeous tits, her seductive lips, her cute eyes, nice legs, the way her ass forms, maybe its her smile. Actually maybe its all of that! Penny Mathis is one alluring white goddess and she has me under her spell!

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Oh if only I could ask for a woman this holiday season, I’d be a good boy all year so I could wake up Christmas morning and find Denise in my living room under the tree, man would I love unwrapping that present! Denise must have read my mind, and since she can’t be in the living room of every person with a penis this year she sent pictures and boy are they roasting my chestnuts!

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Holly Peers is a British model whose only been mainstream for about a year but man is she already making an impact. She is considered one of the most beautiful glamour models and is one of the top gals for the infamous “Nuts” magazine. Holly like so many of the great British models is all natural, still not convinced? Why don’t you look at these pictures and then make a decision.

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