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It’s been too long since the wonderful Penny Mathis has graced this blog with her beauty and sensuality. So here she is here to break that streak in this sultry French Maid outfit, I can think of a million fantasies with her in that outfit. And if you are having trouble you seriously need to get your imagination fixed, after all this outfit leaves little to the imagination in the first place 😉

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I didn’t write anything since the little controversy related to Phun Hot 100. Guess what, readers? I’m proud of what I’ve done and I assume everything!

Time for the serious subject. You ALL know there are two glamour legends in UK (or three, let’s say). Two are still posing and among the best ones but they overshadow the new hotties who are trying to prove something. Sophie Howard and Lucy Pinder, of course. One is retired but still is one of the greatest models we’ve ever seen and perhaps the hottest blonde! Even hotter than Katie Price who’s… let’s be honest, what the heck we got there? Katie “Jordan” Price will never be a legend. And you know who I’m talking about when I say that she’s a legend : Michelle Marsh!

Who’s going to replace this white blonde hottie? Who can honor what she has done over the years? Still hard to find out. We don’t have the one who looks like her… but only some with the same fantastic assets and beautiful aspects. In 2007, when she left the first time, we got Kayleigh Pearson who was in her own corner, not posing with everyone but like many other models, she proved us wrong with her official pics. The only problem : her breasts are fake… Michelle was all-natural, remember. At the same time, another blonde emerged and it’s Rhian Sugden. Looking classy in real, she sure doesn’t have the same shape than Marsh. They both did the Page 3 pictures. In case of Rhian, she’s capable of the best and worst. I would like to see her smile much more. And in her official pics… you search for it, it’s difficult to find if she really smiles. She has the same look on her face in almost every pics… But in Page 3, that’s alright.

In 2009, even with her fake but large breasts, Sophie Reade made a serious impact. We almost gave her the “new Marsh” title because she was posing with many other hotties, especially Holly Peers and Sophie Howard which isn’t nothing. But we can’t give this title to Danica Thrall : she looks as fake as Katie Price does right now. Nuts makes a true mess of her… unlike someone else who’s actually one of the most requested girls in all forums, blogs and… I’m not doing favoritism, I’m telling the truth : Melissa Debling is the current blonde model who reminds me the most of what Michelle did so far… less soft, of course. They both share many aspects and assets. But where Melissa makes it better than Sophie Reade, Kayleigh Peason and Rhian Sugden… it’s the x-factor! Mel-D is even more appealing than many other models and when you see over the pics what she “tries” to do… she wants us in real so we can enjoy her stripping off her clothes until she gets nude. No girls make me feel such strange… emotions… When she smiles, she makes me smile. When she bites her lower lip (perhaps the thing that makes her pics so hot), I just do the same because she turns me on… I suppose this is what we call being teased and excited.

Michelle had her own soft and innocent style. The incarnation of the pure blonde beauty. Melissa has her own sexy and addictive style. But no way Melissa will be like Michelle. We just can remember that a blonde hottie was in our dreams during the last decade. We can’t replace a legend… we can find the one who honor it. Melissa does it with her official pics. But something is sure : they both are the sexiest blondes of their own decade. It took 2 years… but I think we found her. But… Kayleigh Pearson, Rhian Sugden, Melissa Debling and Sophie Reade… they’ll always be overshadowed by their brunette teammates… and so was Michelle Marsh with Lucy Pinder…

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Fiorenza Cossotto is one of the great female Italian voices, and her work with opera is well known. She is a Soprano and at her peak was one of the leading sopranos of all time. She has preformed in countless plays, operas and concerts but I thought I’d share a cut off one of her works from 1967. Please enjoy listening to this beautiful and elegant work from this white Italian bird. A bird with a ferocious control of her voice. Strong, yet soft.

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Normally the naturally busty Holly Peers works out my balls in a different way, but here she is working out on a ball up and down up and down….you get the idea. Plus she is clearly not wearing a bra in this video so you get to see those floppers fly! Check it out in this sexy albeit short video.

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I’m surprised we have never featured Irina Shayk the Sports Illustrated bikini cover model. She is a beautiful Russian model. She has great olive white skin, full lips and full hips. Here are some photos of her looking elegant at the premiere of the Snow Flower and The Secret Fan.

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Hey Folks! Lol Wow I’m surprised TNA still has me as an Admin here (its been so long), so I figured I’d swing through and see what was happening! I even come bearing gifts! Gents (and ladies), feast your eyes on this little piece of heaven named Teresa Palmer!

This beautiful baby faced blonde hails from Australia and has starred in films such as Adam Sandler’s Bedtime stories, I am number 4, and The Sorcerers apprentice. Lol I was just telling my roommate that if I ever saw her in person I would instantly drop to one knee and propose immediately!

Such an exquisite white woman!

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Found this on the blog for our reigning white goddess Alice Goodwin as she is the winner of the 100 hottest bodies of 2011 in Zoo magazine. Congrats!

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via Alice Goodwin

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