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I know this interview is old, but figured I’d post it because it gives you a sense of Denise’s personality and how people flock to see such a beautiful white goddess in action. I could watch Denise eat cereal all day long and be pretty happy. And oooooooo that dress is stunning!

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Hello everyone as promised here is my interview with JessyDee the artist who has made the Batbabe character. As a big fan of her work I’m so excited to have done an interview with her. Check it out here!


First of all this may be surprising to some, but despite the nature of your art you are indeed a woman. Are people often surprised to find that a woman created Batbabe? By the way you are beautiful.

Oh thank you very much he he he, well maybe I should start by saying that I consider myself a bisexual, a couple years ago was a little difficult to accept this, because here in Mexico that status is bad looking, specially for that people who thinks that a bisexual is a sick person in many ways.

There is the origin of why I like a lot draw more females than males, and we should recognize that a female body contains soft shapes that makes it very attractive, I think that an artistic difference between a male and female are that men are like squares, and females are like circles.

And yes, many people are surprised that a person like me makes pics of Batbabe, I cant say that I created her, because there are many variations of Batbabe, I just do my own version.

For my readers who have never seen your work, can you describe what you do?

I do images and sequences of a Heroine in a perilous danger, erotic, and Hentai like circumstances, in 3d environments, 2d graphics and small animations.

Where did you come up with the idea for Batbabe?

Well, Batgirl was the first ever comic that I ever read in my life, and I don’t know if was destiny or what, but that comic begins with Batgirl tied with chains and pushed to a river by some mobsters. It was a mix of shock and excitement see that circumstance and how she survived it.  That was how I developed a taste for the topic of Superheroines in Peril; and Batbabe is a mix of Batgirl and a voluptuous girl.

One thing I find amazing about you is that you are bilingual. Spanish is your first language, and so some of your comics are in English and some are in Spanish. How do you find your balance to entertain both cultures?

Here in Mexico its hard to find good translations of American comics, and I hate the dubbed movies because sometimes the censorship ruins the original phrases, and much of my followers domains are English, so I was a little “forced” to practice English to give what my followers want, I think in them when I make Spanish texts I think they don’t receive the full message reading in Spanish, that’s why I try to make them English.

How long have you been drawing? Was this something you’ve always wanted to do?

I’ve been drawing on paper for 10 years I think, and using Poser (3d) near to 8 years, It is my goal is do comics with the quality and style of “El Cid”

Because of the nature of my blog every once in a while I get some hate mail, have you ever come across people online who didn’t like what your art? How do you deal with that?

Not really, till now I didn’t receive hate mail about  my pics. I receive more proposals of use the Batbabe suit  and represent their real life perils. And I just hit “delete mail” he he he.

I could look at pictures of Batbabe for hours, actually I have on many days. How long does it usually take you to create one picture of Batbabe and her “friends”?

A 3d picture takes me 3 or 4 days, because I do it in free time at home.

Batbabe in bondage

What do you think about our blog “White Goddess”?

It looks great!! a lot of beautiful women, maybe the dreams of a lot of mortals, he he he!

Do you have a particular favorite Batbabe moment that you created?

Sure!! My first long length animation dedicated to “El Cid” (well not so long, 45 secs, but It takes me a month to do it!!)

What can we expect to see from Batbabe in the future? Do you think one day we may see full graphic novels maybe even movies with voice actors?

In the future…. Mmhh.. I’m trying to do more animations, but my PC and time are not enough to do that, so, I think will try some mini comics.

So there you have it folks, please support this awesome artist! You can visit her and see her artwork at the following links:

Batbabe Blog

JessyDee’s Deviant Art Profile Page

Thanks JessyDee keep up the good work!

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The guy in this video is kind of annoying but Penny Mathis is super sexy and there isnt nearly enough video of her, so please enjoy!

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The following is from a user on youtube named James McKent. I’m not sure if its really a man but let’s read the conversation between the two of us.

what’s wrong with you? why do you have issues with black women, which are the most exotic looking MOST FEMININE women on the planet? Are you a fag or something??

Black women have gorgeous skin that ages slower than a white womans skin, they have feminine bodies with round butts, full sexy lips, overall superior features that the inferior white woman could never have. I don’t understand black guys like you. Most likely you’re a ugly ass white woman thats jealous of black women. White women have hair that smells like a damn wet dog after they shower. They have flat butts. Thin nasty lips. Skin that ages very fast – they could never look young at 40 (without botox) – yet, a black woman can.

My Response was this:

I am a proud half black and half white man and no I’m not ugly and that is the way I feel I’m not saying everyone should get up and follow me! But this is what I do! I believe that white women are the better female. White women HAVE all of those things you mentioned. The have the lips, diversity of eye and hair color, beautiful skin, and butts, along with breasts and beautiful pink nipples with some of them. White women’s hair smells wonderful by the way! And that is a myth and a lie made up about white women aging bad. There are just as many old and ugly black women as there are white women!

actually, you can look it up – black women age the slowest out of EVERY race! white women have skin that resembles a pigs skin while black women have gorgeous chocolate/ caramel complexions.

are you seriously trying to sit here and say you haven’t seen gorgeous black women and UGLY white women?

would you rather have beyonce or rosie o’donell? I’ve seen plenty of ugly fat white women. My point is – why come on here and bash black women when you have a black grandmother, black aunts, black female cousins. your ignorance is unbelievable.

black women are superior in all ways – if you actually paid attention to their amazing qualities. what ever black hood-rats you’ve dealt with, theirs an equal amount of quality black girls awaiting you.. why stick to only 1 side of your race when you have both options to explore?

How is your claim that black women are superior different than my viewpoint? Just reversed open your eyes were the exact same person on the opposite spectrum. Would you rather have Lucy Pinder or some fat ugly black woman?

He has yet to respond back to me. Just thought I’d give you guy’s a taste of his ignorance.

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This week I sat down and talked with a male Asain graduate student.  I told him this interview was for my blog and he agreed as long as his name wasn’t revealed. I agreed.


1. So where are you from and what are you studying?
I am from Korea, I am studying business administration with a minor in hotel management.

2. Have you liked your experience here in America thus far?
Yes! American is fantastic! I love going to the movies, the mall, the people and of course all the beautiful women.

3. Are the women in Korea good?

In their own right, but as you and me both know they just dont compare to white women. I used to satisfied with Korean women until I was younger and started watching some American television. I would see white women like Melissa Joan Hart, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson the list goes on and I would look around at Korean women and just know there was something better out there.

4. Were the women the main reason you came to America for graduate school?

Have to be honest it was more for the education. But now that I see all these white women I’m going to try to marry one, become a citizen here and get my slice of the American pie.

5. How is the white woman presented in Korea?

She really is seen as a goddess. Your country is so uptight about matters of race. In Korea it’s not a big deal when I man says he likes white women more, of course most Korean men who think that are destined or doomed depending on your point of view to marry a Korean woman.

6. What is your favorite thing about white women?

Everything! But really I love their haor gorgeous hair colors of all types, and those eyes are just oh man to die for. I know it’s a mean stereotpye but it’s got a lot of truth to it. Most Korean women don’t have really nice butts or big breasts and I like that in my women so white women is a no brainer for me.

7. Thanks for being so honest, any suggestions for our blog.

No problem. Just keeping telling the truth what you are doing is great and everyone on your blog should be proud.

Better than Korean

Better than Korean

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The following is a real story I had with one of my dad’s business partners just two days ago. His name will be kept secret for some personal privacy reasons, so you’ll just have to believe me that this is true.


My dad’s business partner whom we will call Bill and his wife whom we shall call Nancy came over on saturday to hang out with my parents. Bill is a black man while Nancy is a gorgeous young white woman. Bill was talking to me and I told him about this blog and asked him if he would tell me about what he has to go through being married to a white woman, his story is inspiring.

He started off working his way up through the company right out of college he was a well educated good looking black man engaged to a black woman. He went to Howard University and all black college and so it was pretty easy to see how he ended up with a black woman. After finding a huge error in a quarterly report he was promoted. He got a new office and a raise but his fiance wasn’t satisfied saying that his office and pay weren’t as high as some of his white co-workers. Though Bill explained to his fiance that he had just been promoted and it would take some time she critcized him for becoming an uncle tom. As he would often play golf with some of the other co-workers it was a white dominated company and thus there weren’t many people of color working for them in the higher up fields. My dad hadn’t even been hired yet.

Bill would come back to his nice apartment and get nagged almsot everyday by his fiance aboout finding a house before they got hitched. Bill could not take it, but still felt he loved her and eventually married her. About a year into their marriage he was promoted once again, got a bigger office and araise not mention a healthy bonus. He was being recruited heavily by rival companies and they wanted him to stay on board.

Bill was not ready to have kids quite yet he wasn’t even 28 yet and wanted more time to feel he was mature enough to raise a kid but fully planned on impregnating his wife before age 30. Rival companies continued to heavily court Bill and their offers were tempting even though they would require him to move to New York away from his family in the Chicago area. So Bill’s company countered and hired a beautiful young secretary just out of college to work for him. Bill told me the first time he saw her his mouth dropped he had never seen a woman that beautiful before. But he was a faithful husband he was not going to cheat on his wife. The secretary’s name was Nancy.

About a month or two after Nancy was hired Bill was having touble preforming for his wife. To make things short he couldn’t keep it up with her anymore. This pissed off his wife a lot and now she added sexual performance of her list of things to nag about. Bill went on working and eventually gained a friendship with Nancy. The two went out to lucnh to eat twice a week and would get lost talking about many topics.

Eventually Bill realized he had more fun talking to Nancy than to his wife but he ignored his internal passions. Then he went on a business trip for  scheduled two weeks but closed the deal early and thus returned home four days early. he felt guilty for having desires for Nancy and wanted to clear thoughts of Nancy out of his head. He decided to surprise his wife and came home to find her having an affair with another man! Furious he stormed out of the house and called the first person he thought of; Nancy.

He and Nancy met at a coffee house and talked about what happened. Nancy invited him to stay at her place and well….things happened. Bill divorced his wife and then married Nancy shortly after. He got a lot of heat from his family some who even accussed HIM of cheating on his wife with Nancy. But over 10 years later he and Nancy are one of the happiest couples I’ve ever met and Bill told me that many of his bosses seem to respect him more with a white woman around his arms.

Nancy who has had two kids is now a stay at home mom but must amdit is super sexy and looks like she’s still in college. Just a lovely story about true love finding a way.

Sexy White Secretary, don't you wish you had one?

Sexy White Secretary, don't you wish you had one?

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When did you first realize that white women were better? This is a question for both men and women. But when did it happen for you? Was it a single thing or multiple experiences in life? Please leave comments on this topic, I’m interested to know.

Why are you reading this? Look at that body!

Why are you reading this? Look at that body!

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