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There is a new tumblr page you all should follow its called “Snow Bunny Hill” and it is a umblr blog for men who prefer white women. There is some great stuff on here, it just started up so it needs your support and follows! Be sure to check it out and start following it at the link below:


Happy tumbling! The movement grows stronger each day!

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Jermaine Pennant may be one of the luckiest men on the planet. This black European football player already was engaged to a beautiful white woman when he met Alice Goodwin and then broke off the engagement for this beautiful creature. Now I’m not for breaking up relationships but it’s better to find out you still want to play the field before your married rather than after I have little tolerance for men or women who cheat once married. Anyway that’s besides the point, Jermaine is getting to lay with this queen tonight. Thanks to Roger for digging up this info and please enjoy the vid as a reward. Everyone else can watch it too, I’m sure you’ll find it pleasurable.

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A few years ago the busty model Ewa Sonnet, vanished from modeling with no explanation. There were plenty of rumors and speculation. Some even suggested she was in a car accident that had severely injured her. But now more and more reports are coming out that Ewa Sonnet has actually finally returned to modeling. And this brand new video has been released of her as well, this naturally busty Polish glamour star has made her mark and now is back in the saddle again. I think most men couldn’t be happier!

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I may have made a mistake when I marked the 21st as the 3rd annual National Honor White Women day, so my mistake. It is always supposed to really fall on the first day of autumn. So tomorrow for this holiday celebrate white women, and be sure to honor the special white women in your life and be extra courteous to white women around you. Let them have a day where you are at their beck and call…more than usual.

They deserve attention 24/7 365 days a year. But really focus on the 22nd

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In an effort to branch out and gain more members for White Goddess I have created a yahoo! group in the past few days. My hope is that this will draw more people in to our website. Also this group will serve as a back up in a worst case scenario where something bad happens to this blog. (That is highly doubtful but still better safe than sorry). So please anyone who regularly comments on here please join this group! Click the link below this paragraph!


The movement is expanding, be a part of it!

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Rima Fakih being crowned Miss USA

Morgan Elizabeth Woolard in her formal dress

Last year the controversy surrounding the runner-up of the Miss USA contest got more press than actual winner Kristen Dalton. Dalton went on to do great things including charities for cancer, relief work for Haiti and some other public service works.

This year the winner will get a lot of press, but the winner isn’t who should have won. Lebanese immigrant Rima Fakih won Miss USA, and while she is a beautiful woman Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was the clear winner in my eyes, apparently Mr. Donald Trump who co-owns the competition and the judges thought otherwise. Maybe they also saw an opportunity to seem progressive by choosing an Arab-American, since the winner last year was another blonde beauty. Perhaps they felt Woolard would end up looking too generic or something. I’m not exactly sure what the thought process was, but I don’t agree with it.

When asked random questions by the judges Fakih was given the softball question related to how she had sold her car so she could afford to compete in the competition, Woolard was asked if she felt Arizona’s new (racist) immigration law should be decided by states or government. Woolard chose state rights for those wondering, but mentioned that she felt the law was too closely linked to racial profiling.

Fakih however made the biggest mistake that should have cost her the crown, while walking back with her big dress she stumbled. Meanwhile Woolard looked awesome in her dress and pulled it off perfectly. So I’m just confused on this, Woolard should have won, but I’m sure Woolard will be fine, and will find plenty of work in the career she wishes to be in. I think that its unfair that now Woolard will be dragged into a political disucssion even though she may have no interest, my advice to Woolard RUN dont go on Fox News and talk about it, you’ll end up being attached to this for the rest of your life. Accept defeat no matter how unfair it is, and slink away. Magazines in a year will want you more on their centerfold than Fakih, trust me!

This woman should have won

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So I was told there is a Iraqi religious Cleric who believes that women who wear revealing clothing are causing natural disasters such as earthquakes. So a female blogger who is irate about it decided to get a small movement started for women to wear low cut shirts to reveal some cleavage. Here to do my part I’m posting some Jordan Carver, brace yourselves!

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