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Two young actresses who have a good amount of acting talent and have been in hit movies. So here is the most important question, which one is hotter?

Kat Dennings

Emma Stone

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Thought this would be a fun match up. Two beautiful blondes both with great racks, and slim bodies going head to head. Who will emerge victorious? You have 7 days to vote!

Penny Mathis

Jessica Rockwell

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Okay people we’ve got another showdown. Rachel vs. Blake. Rachel of course is probably best known for her role as Scarlett in the movie “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra” and Blake is known for “Gossip Girl” but Blake will soon be hitting the big screen big time when she plays Ryan Reynolds love interest in the upcoming Green Lantern movie. But here is the question: whose hotter?

Rachel Nichols

Blake Lively

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Haven’t done one of these in a while. Okay two female wrestlers in one corner its Torrie Wilson in the other its Velvet Sky. Both have a big following from horny men, so now its time to decide whose hotter? The poll will close in 7 days.

Torrie Wilson

Velvet Sky

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Haven’t done Versus in a while. Here are two beautiful white women who’ve appeared in movies and television. We all know Megan Fox but some may not know the up and coming Laura Vandervoort from the ABC series “V” both have been on Maxim’s Top 100 and deserve some attention so we are putting them against each other, who do you think is hotter?

Megan Fox

Laura Vandervoot

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Jen and Courtney are two talented actresses and two beautiful white women. But who will the people choose when we pit these two “Friends” against each other?

Jennifer Aniston

Courtney Cox

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Its another battle of the Busty Brits they must turn them out like potato chips over there! So here is your chance to vote who you think is hotter Sophie Howard or Lindsey Strutt?

Sophie Howard

Lindsey Strutt

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