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So… looks like we’ve some little trouble out there. tnameat will be unable to write articles for a moment so I’m now responsible of this blog for a time. I’ve got a serious pressure but I’ll try to do my best. I must admit I’m somehow stubborn when it comes about women but… when I find one that everyone can appreciate, then no problems. So, I’ll just make tnameat happy (and everyone of you) by showing some classic pics of Michelle Marsh I found since her website has been revamped. Michelle has been a long-time favorite and… well, you know the routine. I don’t think we’ll see her in modelling but she’s one of those models we don’t want to forget. I was lucky enough to see her comeback three years ago in Loaded Magazine but these pics are totally unknown to me. I don’t know which magazine they’re from… so you know what to do.

So, while we’re on it… you should check up my profile and see my main hobby apart of White Goddess : I personally work on two fan blogs, one featuring the beautiful brunette Holly Peers and another featuring the fantastic blonde Melissa Debling. Feel free to drop any comments.

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There are days like that… we need some medicine or something we get addicted like drugs. I think Melissa Debling acts as a medicine and a serious drug. She’s an adorable blonde white woman with a beautiful smile and some addictive assets. Lastly, lot of people from all around the Web want to see more of this bombshell babe! Nuts understood us, the fans. Not only she’s now a model from Nuts… they signed her and hope this babe will show a lot more in next months. I’m sure the fans of Michelle Marsh will enjoy Mel-D. I’m now in love and this video will prove my total addiction to this healthy drug. And now, I’m buzzed…

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