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There is a new tumblr page you all should follow its called “Snow Bunny Hill” and it is a umblr blog for men who prefer white women. There is some great stuff on here, it just started up so it needs your support and follows! Be sure to check it out and start following it at the link below:


Happy tumbling! The movement grows stronger each day!

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Jermaine Pennant may be one of the luckiest men on the planet. This black European football player already was engaged to a beautiful white woman when he met Alice Goodwin and then broke off the engagement for this beautiful creature. Now I’m not for breaking up relationships but it’s better to find out you still want to play the field before your married rather than after I have little tolerance for men or women who cheat once married. Anyway that’s besides the point, Jermaine is getting to lay with this queen tonight. Thanks to Roger for digging up this info and please enjoy the vid as a reward. Everyone else can watch it too, I’m sure you’ll find it pleasurable.

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Found this on the blog for our reigning white goddess Alice Goodwin as she is the winner of the 100 hottest bodies of 2011 in Zoo magazine. Congrats!

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via Alice Goodwin

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Denise Milani, from Czech Republic

America is a beautiful country, filled with beautiful women no doubt. But for us American men I think its time I urge you to at the very least explore Europe. Whether you are Black, White or something else a trip to Europe might be just what you need to see what you are possibly missing out on.

There are the obvious reasons a trip to Europe is in order. The locations, the history, the exotic locations, the culture but for guys like us….the women. Come on guys this is the motherland of the women we adore so much. That we come on here everyday to salivate over. Makes sense we should go to the source.

Me and some of my friends have recently been talking about traveling to Europe in hopes of seeing all that Europe has to offer. Some of the hot spots we’ve talked about are: London, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, Denmark and Amsterdam.

In truth while America is great for some men in particular black men it can be a difficult to live when trying to find a suitable white woman to court or even marry. The culture in Europe is different than America’s there are pros and cons but the pros outweigh the con. Due to more homogenous societies black men tend to stand out but in countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France this serves to the advantage of the black man. As these countries tend to have a more favorable view of the black men with their women. London was not included because it is not a homogenous society. While mostly white European there is a mixed culture and according to the 2001 census 50% of Black men are more likely to marry outside their race. Something to keep in mind when you think about going there. Afterall it is a country that speaks English. And when you have beautiful women like Sophie Reade and our reigning white goddess admitting a preference for black men it becomes even more appealing.

Let’s also keep in mind that a trip to Europe could really expand one’s understanding of the world at large and get a sense of the culture and history of the white woman. My friends and I talked about visiting all the museums and historical landmarks. Seeing all the art of the beautiful form of the white woman. When speaking about Eastern Europe with Moscow, the Ukraine and the Balkans we were unsure on what to do, as my friend in particular feared that Eastern Europe would be less open to black men. That remains to be seen. Perhaps someone could answer, I’d love to see the Hermitage with a beautiful Russian woman. In the end it seems clear that men need to make a visit to Europe.

Europe is Calling.

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Alice Goodwin likes it slippery, at least that’s what she implies in this video where she sexily rubs oil all over her mammaries. I don’t think I need to say much more, something tells me you’ll be watching this vid a few times over.

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She is a winner whose been in the middle of controversy with certain users here on the blog, but regardless she is the white goddess of the year and the representative of white beauty as voted by people across the world. Alice despite what some may think is deserving of this award, she is sexy, alluring, powerful, fit, sultry and even loves black men. Something many men on here will appreciate. That’s why I selected this video, its over 14 minutes so it requires incredible stamina to watch all the way through but if you make it there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. That pot of gold is Alice speaking very dirty to all the people watching the video. It is a fine video and she is a fine woman very deserving for her title as white goddess 2010.

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This year when it came to the babe willing to show it all it was Alice Goodwin for the win! Alice has been putting a lot of work for this award I would imagine, after all she has been doing a lot of work on elite tv and modeling. This video I have to say is super hot, Alice moves in a way that just makes me want to faint into her bosom. Wouldn’t you agree?

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