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Sophie is back in business. But not tnameat. We’ll give him some time but for any updates or questions, you can join and DISCUSS in our Yahoo Group. Feel free. Anyway… aside from bad news, there are always something good… I rarely post two threads on the blog but… I was late and I said to tna in a conversation I would post these pics as soon as possible. Sophie Reade is favorite to many. She’s blonde, white and she has enormous boobs. She recently had a second boob job but I don’t see the difference. I’ll be honest, I prefer Sophie over Alice Goodwin. Sophie has the cute and sometimes innocent attitude. So here are mostly why I like her that much. Thanks to AdamC for the scans.

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There’s no doubt Holly became a favorite but in my case, a day it’s Melissa Debling and the other is Holly Peers. Today it’s definitely Holly. Stop the press, these pics are fresh from the Page 3 website and I don’t think she looked THAT good since a short while but she’s just… perfect. I don’t have any other words but this : perfect. All natural, smiling, hot poses, wonderful eyes and marvelous breasts as always! Those who had doubts about Holly should take a look now.

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Remember my last post featuring Jessica-Jane Clement? She has been a fav. of mine since a long time. I don’t care about the fact she has tattoos. She looks beautiful and her tattoos give her some sort of personality. She’s not the only one having eccentric tattoos (Sophie Howard and her great breasts). But there, with Jessy-Jane, we see a little more than usual so I’ll let you have a look. Pics are from Nuts website.

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So In the UK (England) they have this show where you can all in to talk to sexy British women over the phone or via text, whichever you prefer or rather can afford. And Alice Goodwin is a regular on the show. Call me crazy, but the more and more I hear about the world across the pond the more and more I want to move there. So for your viewing pleasure watch Alice Goodwin as she talks to some bloke, one day hopefully it will be me…but I’d rather it be in person.

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The more and more I hear about England the more and more I want to move there!

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Miss England Rachel Christie has given up her crown after being arrested on suspicion of a nightclub assault.

Organisers of Miss England said the 21-year-old wanted to concentrate on clearing her name.

She allegedly punched Miss Manchester, Sara Beverley Jones, 24, in the face in a dispute at a Manchester nightclub.

Ms Christie, the first black woman to be crowned Miss England, was arrested on suspicion of assault and has been bailed until January 2010.

The beauty queen, niece of former sprinter Linford Christie, is also a heptathlete hoping to compete in the 2012 Olympics.

Miss Manchester was allegedly punched in the face after an argument said to be about a TV personality from Sky1’s Gladiators programme.

It is thought that Miss Jones is an ex-girlfriend of TV gladiator Tornado, whose real name is David McIntosh, and Miss Christie is his current partner.

In a statement, Miss England organisers said: “Due to the media attention following the allegations against her, Rachel Christie has now decided to withdraw from the Miss World competition and relinquish her Miss England crown.

“Rachel will concentrate on clearing her name and focus on training for the 2012 Olympics until this case is resolved.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they were called to the Mansion nightclub off Deansgate shortly before 0100GMT on Monday.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

This is the fault of England here is a country full of beautiful white women and for the sake of trying to be “politically correct” they chose a woman with no class. I don’t have as much of a problem with the fact that a black woman was chosen as much as I do with the fact that they chose a woman with no class over more qualified white women. Hopefully the committee who made this stupid decision learn from their mistakes.

In the land of Pinder and Marsh, this was the best they could come up with.

Sara Beverley Jones the white woman the former Miss England attacked. Was she jealous of her beauty?

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