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Remember my last post featuring Jessica-Jane Clement? She has been a fav. of mine since a long time. I don’t care about the fact she has tattoos. She looks beautiful and her tattoos give her some sort of personality. She’s not the only one having eccentric tattoos (Sophie Howard and her great breasts). But there, with Jessy-Jane, we see a little more than usual so I’ll let you have a look. Pics are from Nuts website.

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Jessica-Jane Clement is a nice white babe who plays her “own role” in The Real Hustle as The “Sexy Swindler”. Before she gets a boob-job and gets lot of tattoo… I admit, she wasn’t that good. She was like… too skinny. I got the impression that fake breasts often look better covered (like Gemma Atkinson) and Jessy-Jane doesn’t make any exception. And sometimes she can be seriously amazing! And those pics you gonna see totally prove it.

She’s born Feb. 24th 1985 in England and is a model, actress, TV presenter… and the list simply goes on. But most of her fans focus on her modelling career and… nothing wrong with that… especially when I see the pics here… Oh my goodness!!! She’ll be featured in this week’s Nuts’ issue so we can expect something great! Ok, only two pics but… wow!!! Totally speechless!

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