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Lucy Becker is not new to this site, but this video is new to my eyes and I felt I had to share it. Let us marvel at this absolute beauty in this flaming hot video of this British babe.

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This British babe is known for being super hot even after having a kid and even continuing to model for a bit after having the kid. I guess she wanted to show everyone she still had it! I think Becker is glowing and I’m sure you will too, of course I’d rather see her with a morning after glow but thats another story.

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We’ve all heard people joke about it before. White women are soft and can’t raise kids properly. They say white women want to be the best friends of their children, that they will back down once their kid starts to show too much rebellion. They say white women don’t know how to discipline their own kids. Basically white women similar to being submissive also are inept in raising children. This is of course a myth that once again due to the ignorance of America and parts of the world I must debunk.

So how did this myth get started? Well its kind of tied in to the previous lie I talked about where non-white women tend to paint white women as submissive frail creatures. Here people are told that white women due to being so frail cannot raise their own children and lack the ability to be even firm but fair with their kids causing white children to grow up into bad people.

Now let’s just stop right there with that. If white women are truly so bad at raising their children then how come there are a large amount of blacks and Hispanics in the American prison system? I am not naive I know part of the reason so many are in jail is due to; racial profiling, socioeconomic conditions (partly created by the very evil brand of the white race) and just lack of opportunities. But not all of this is due to this and in the end regardless some personal responsibility has to be taken into account. As a white woman am I meant to believe that just by default I cannot be tough on my kids and grow them up into functioning citizens? I don’t know how ALL white women act but I personally never got away with back talking to my mom and I’m sure my kids won’t.

Still being a mother who can discipline/raise her children is not a trait exclusive to one race. I think good motherhood knows no color. I just don’t like how white women are somehow depicted as incapable of proper motherly skills. I mean come on people the HALF black President of the United States was raised basically exclusively by white women. I think he grew up okay, even if he isn’t the superman president we all hoped he’d be.

So I’m not going on a big rant here, I’m not claiming white female superiority in this genre because that would be ridiculous. There are good and bad mothers in all races, thats a personality trait not one of culture. So let’s just set the record straight here: white women can be excellent mothers who know how to discipline their children in love and that includes; lectures, spankings and groundings. We’ve been raising kids for a long time, don’t come at us like that! We don’t tell you how to raise your children so don’t tell us how to raise our own!

Lucy Becker one hot momma (Certified MILF)

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