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My best response to a comment concerning Melissa… by Fanboy1 who replied about the comparisons between Michelle Marsh and the “Deblinger”. Surely they’re not in the same era and didn’t team with the same models (except Sophie Howard) but to me, Melissa is doing exactly what we wanted the most from Michelle : epic solo pics. Okay, we sure had some from Michelle… many ones that tnameat would like to show in a special post. Melissa’s pics begin to pop out from everywhere on any websites featuring her and… maybe you came across several pics where she’s “just nude” or… “just naked”. Well, she has no clothes and is ready for you (me first, haha!). She seems impatient to get one of us. If Holly Peers did awesome nude pics last year… just like Lindsey Strutt did for her official website… maybe Melissa can surely make it. And she did! To me, “nude teasing” pics are the holy grail of any models so when they do nice ones, you know what I’m gonna think. And for Melissa, there’s no exception. And the best of it : these are some of the sexiest pics I’ve ever seen… if not THE ones!

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I didn’t write anything since the little controversy related to Phun Hot 100. Guess what, readers? I’m proud of what I’ve done and I assume everything!

Time for the serious subject. You ALL know there are two glamour legends in UK (or three, let’s say). Two are still posing and among the best ones but they overshadow the new hotties who are trying to prove something. Sophie Howard and Lucy Pinder, of course. One is retired but still is one of the greatest models we’ve ever seen and perhaps the hottest blonde! Even hotter than Katie Price who’s… let’s be honest, what the heck we got there? Katie “Jordan” Price will never be a legend. And you know who I’m talking about when I say that she’s a legend : Michelle Marsh!

Who’s going to replace this white blonde hottie? Who can honor what she has done over the years? Still hard to find out. We don’t have the one who looks like her… but only some with the same fantastic assets and beautiful aspects. In 2007, when she left the first time, we got Kayleigh Pearson who was in her own corner, not posing with everyone but like many other models, she proved us wrong with her official pics. The only problem : her breasts are fake… Michelle was all-natural, remember. At the same time, another blonde emerged and it’s Rhian Sugden. Looking classy in real, she sure doesn’t have the same shape than Marsh. They both did the Page 3 pictures. In case of Rhian, she’s capable of the best and worst. I would like to see her smile much more. And in her official pics… you search for it, it’s difficult to find if she really smiles. She has the same look on her face in almost every pics… But in Page 3, that’s alright.

In 2009, even with her fake but large breasts, Sophie Reade made a serious impact. We almost gave her the “new Marsh” title because she was posing with many other hotties, especially Holly Peers and Sophie Howard which isn’t nothing. But we can’t give this title to Danica Thrall : she looks as fake as Katie Price does right now. Nuts makes a true mess of her… unlike someone else who’s actually one of the most requested girls in all forums, blogs and… I’m not doing favoritism, I’m telling the truth : Melissa Debling is the current blonde model who reminds me the most of what Michelle did so far… less soft, of course. They both share many aspects and assets. But where Melissa makes it better than Sophie Reade, Kayleigh Peason and Rhian Sugden… it’s the x-factor! Mel-D is even more appealing than many other models and when you see over the pics what she “tries” to do… she wants us in real so we can enjoy her stripping off her clothes until she gets nude. No girls make me feel such strange… emotions… When she smiles, she makes me smile. When she bites her lower lip (perhaps the thing that makes her pics so hot), I just do the same because she turns me on… I suppose this is what we call being teased and excited.

Michelle had her own soft and innocent style. The incarnation of the pure blonde beauty. Melissa has her own sexy and addictive style. But no way Melissa will be like Michelle. We just can remember that a blonde hottie was in our dreams during the last decade. We can’t replace a legend… we can find the one who honor it. Melissa does it with her official pics. But something is sure : they both are the sexiest blondes of their own decade. It took 2 years… but I think we found her. But… Kayleigh Pearson, Rhian Sugden, Melissa Debling and Sophie Reade… they’ll always be overshadowed by their brunette teammates… and so was Michelle Marsh with Lucy Pinder…

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Okay, I don’t usually comment against what I usually do outside of White Goddess but… I’ve no choice and thanks I’m free here… So, I should have tell you to vote for Phun Hot 100 but I would have needed any of you to subscribe on the forums and send me a private message but as you can guess, they would have suspected something strange but my co-worker, tnameat, managed to send me a list so he casted his vote for the Phun Hot 100. Rankings are strange and we can see that many ones need to improve their tastes. When you see girls like Selena Gomez, Emma Watson or Vanessa Hudgens (how about Miley Cyrus) ruling over girls like Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Pinder, Kelly Brook, Candice Swanepoel, Holly Peers, Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker or even my current addiction, Melissa Debling, I’m right to ask myself some questions.


Do we like our girls younger or mature? I don’t know. Everyone got his own tastes but sometimes it’s just too much. We can’t expect girls like Selena or Vanessa to show off breasts or ass just because they’re popular over Internet or just… great. Yes, Selena and Vanessa are cuties and there’s no way I’ll deny it but I just can’t find myself enjoying these girls like I would for Melissa Debling, Holly Peers or Lindsey Strutt. I just don’t see the point. I like when girls are mature and look mature enough when doing what they usually do (modelling, acting, etc.). It’s the same for Taylor Momsen even if her concert pics are hot… Damn, she’s just 17! She’ll turn 18 soon and will she change her “stripping” ways? I don’t think. Some prefer dreaming with their second head instead of having some judgement. Instead of being realistic, they keep wanking and hoping for something fake!


But that’s not the worst! When you make a list, you’ve yourself some expectations… So I never expected to remove a girl from the final rankings! Yes, I did! Just because I couldn’t find a proper pic and because she’s a pure aberration : Amber Rose. Go see yourself if you’ve enough courage… And when you’ve a girl who turned famous because of a stupid sex tape like Kim Kardashian, there’s something wrong. Everyone seem to forget what she did. She’s featured on many magazines like a queen but everyone is forgetting the main point : she’s famous because she recorded her sexual acts! I wouldn’t say the same for Beyonce Knowles. Okay, she’s a good icon for black girls but that’s it. She’s a great artist but that’s it… I’ve no more opinion on her. I would say the same for Eva Longoria…


So… anything with bad contents sure has some good ones. Well, trust me they’re. I’m done with my bad mood so we can say that the TRUE queen of the Phun Hot 100 is Kelly Brook. Okay, I’m not a fan of her but recently, she lost her baby (she was pregnant and… well, I don’t know how to describe it in english because I speak french) so she was in some depressive moments. But she has been a favorite of many since her first days. She ended 2nd. Lucy Pinder finally made a step among the best by reaching, for the first time, the top 5! Vanessa Hudgens has been chosen as 1st but see what I was writing earlier. Mila Kunis, who was in Black Swan with Natalie Portman, ended 4th and our beach bunny and SI new favorite, Kate Upton, ended 5th as the highest new entry of the year.

Another great new entry to the list is Melissa Debling who, after a couple of pics from Nuts and her epic sets from her official website, is becoming a true favorite among Internet users and glamour models fans like me. I admit I’d some sort of influence because I’m a regular Phun user and I post her pics really often. We should also be happy for Scarlett Johansson, one of the sexiest actresses ever, being in the top 10 once more (8th), same for Lindsey Strutt (9th, was 6 last year as New Entry) and Kate Beckinsale (6th, lost the crown). Candice Swanepoel who was in 80’s finally managed to reach the 15th place! But I know that many ones would ask me about Rosie Jones, the so-called best model of all times in UK… this overrated piece of meat ended 10th! Yes, I don’t like Jones and I think it. But a fav. of many, Holly Peers, jumped from 45th to 17th which is probably the best thing on Phun Hot 100 this year. An happy side-note for Katy Perry, the sexiest singer in my opinion, who ended 18th, just under Holly!


For me, the true winners of Phun Hot 100 are Kelly Brook, Lucy Pinder, Kate Upton, Scarlett Johansson, Holly Peers, Lindsey Strutt, Candice Swanepoel and Melissa Debling.


Below are the pics I used for the true winners of Phun Hot 100, the ones I just named in the precedent paragraph.


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Grey matter is important to me in a woman. But so is looking sexy and Melissa Debling manages to really make me wanna grab a handful of her grey matter right now! This British knockout is sure to make your head spin trying to calculate how someone that hot can exist. Oh did we mention those orbs behind her grey matter are 100% natural?

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Ok I didn’t have a proper title but… it’s almost true. And Nuts Magazine always proves it. Tna and I found that the average breast size in UK is 34D. That’s generous, don’t you think? But Nuts always takes bigger and in most of case, it’s not a bad idea… especially when you got Sophie Howard, Emma Frain, Melissa Debling and Peta Todd… and a newcomer, Sarah (who?). I would like to know the average for these white boobs… I bet it’s F… for Fantastic! Sophie Howard is part of the trio that made natural big breasts famous in England (with Lucy Pinder and the now-retired Michelle Marsh) and, like Lucy, she’s still in business! So, is the biggest the way to go?

As a personal experience… my first “love” was Michelle Marsh and the list simply became larger over the years. Girls like Lindsey Strutt, Holly Peers, Melissa Debling… Both of them don’t only have nice breasts but a wonderful face. Yes, I do love boobs but sometimes, I give priority to face. It’s only then I’ll see if a girl truly worths it. And I never got disappointed with my choices.

Thanks to the original scanner for the pics.

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There are days like that… we need some medicine or something we get addicted like drugs. I think Melissa Debling acts as a medicine and a serious drug. She’s an adorable blonde white woman with a beautiful smile and some addictive assets. Lastly, lot of people from all around the Web want to see more of this bombshell babe! Nuts understood us, the fans. Not only she’s now a model from Nuts… they signed her and hope this babe will show a lot more in next months. I’m sure the fans of Michelle Marsh will enjoy Mel-D. I’m now in love and this video will prove my total addiction to this healthy drug. And now, I’m buzzed…

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This is actually an older video of Melissa Debling dug up by ironslash89 who was nice enough to share this with me so everyone give him a round of applause. She has 32F breasts all natural and man is she SEXY watch this blonde British babe strut her stuff for the camera in such an engaging manner. With a slim waist and great ass to boot I think its safe to say you’ll be seeing a lot more of her around her.

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