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I made this video recently and posted it to my youtube channel, I’m sure a wave of hate comments are headed its way but hopefully there are a few people out there who will actually take the time to listen to what I have to say and will see the blog for what it truly is. So watch the video and please let me know your thoughts.

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This year’s winner for best non-nude model is a woman whose been doing a lot of work in Hollywood for a while but now is just gaining some main stream credit, her name is Olivia Wilde. Olivia Wilde is sensuality in a bottle and speaking of bottles some people on here will be happy to know she is a natural blonde, but she looks good with both hair colors if you ask me! Olivia is going to be in a lot of big time movies this year so look out for her, and enjoy this white beauty right here!

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Olivia Wilde is one of the most beautiful women on earth. She regularly appears on the hit FOX show House and has starred in the recent action thriller The Next Three Days. She also has a large part in the upcoming Tron sequel, but you all probably already knew that since she is drop dead gorgeous.

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Just some random thoughts I had while at work and on a college campus….


A white woman’s superiority is so evident to me no matter where I am…. today as I walked around campus (known for its large Asian student body) I noticed many cute asian chicks, I mean hottys! They had great legs and were nicely shaped. But then occasionally I would see a white chick that BLEW them out of the water! I mean no competition at all! It never ceases to amaze me (and I love and am attracted to every race of woman) how even the most average white woman has a leg up on some of the finest non-white women! Its just no competition white women are in a league of their own! As one white girl once told me when we were having a discussion about a white woman’s beauty “White girls are the SHIT!”, It was great to see that she knew just how special she was! They may not show it all the time (out of modesty) but white women know they are the best!

another day while at work (I work part time in a corporate office)….

I find out that one of my co-workers (who is black) will be getting married with a white woman. This particular co-worker is very successful and a great guy, and I think its great that he chose a superior white woman.

soon after my discovery….

2 women coworkers (who are black) were having a discussion about how when we as black men become successful we tend to marry a white women and criticized him for it. They mentioned this to me, and I kind of just shrugged it off. It amuses me because one of them in particular it does everything she can to be like a white woman. Reads magazines pertaining to white beauty, trys to speak in a white woman’s tone of voice and even had a boob job ( likely to be more comparable to a white women’s girth) and she always talking about how a beautiful a white celebrity is! Its so obvious that she worships a white woman’s beauty the sad part is she doesn’t realize it. If she did she wouldn’t be criticizing this man for making such a great life decision! She’d be congratulating him! Im happy for him and I hope he serves his white woman well!

One night…

While standing in line for a bar the other night with some beautiful white women near by
My best friend finally broke down and admitted that he loves white women….after his many years of denial and claiming that they were overrated, I welcomed him to the club! This just continues to prove to me that White women are the standard of beauty, and that even those who continue to try and diss and take away from them (probably really love them deep down inside)

this is just me reflecting out loud….

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So we come to yet another versus while some have been close competition last time Katie Downes made mincemeat out of Jessica White. So let’s see what happens when we put two actresses of TV against each other. A Latina vs. A White Woman.

Eva Longoria-Parker

Olivia Wilde

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Recently an interesting comment was posted on this site, one so compelling I felt I had to write an article about it. Here is the original comment from reader Tamara:

Hello I found out about your site as it was mentioned on another site abagond.wordpress.com

Let me say first off I am a black female that happens to be married to a white man and I have absolutely NO problem with black men who prefer white women and think they are the most attractive women. It’s all about personal choice and preference. My husband happens to prefer darker skinned women although he does find SOME white women to be hot.

I happen to be of the opinion that there HOT and NOT-HOT people in every race. I just have 2 women of color that I would like to ask your opinion about their looks that is Gabrielle Union and Freema Agyeman. These are 2 black women that I happen to think are some of the hottest women I have ever seen I can’t even blame my husband for looking up pictures of them.

Surely these women would make your hot list, am I wrong?

Now me and the folks over at Abagond don’t really get along. Well basically they made a whole blog post bashing me and the site. I guess he’s got nothing better to do. Anyway I felt that Tamara makes a good point.

First of all Tamara I want to say I am convinced that your husband is a lucky man who is married to a smart, beautiful and confident woman. You have to be at least confident if unlike some black women, you don’t get jealous at the mention of the word “white woman” I really admire that. Maybe if more black women were like you I wouldnt be so turned off by them.

Now let me talk about the women you mentioned. First Gabrielle Union:

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is a beautiful woman in her own right. I think she has a great smile and cute eyes. Of course her body is pretty nice. As an actress she is mediocre. I will admit she’s a step above the alluring Megan Fox but nothing special. Never seen a performance from her that left me stunned.

Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman, I’ve only seen her on an episode of Doctor Who I saw at a British friend’s house. She seemed okay, and she is beautiful in an odd way.

Point is these women are beautiful. And I think that’s one of the big misconceptions about this site and myself. I don’t think that every black woman walking the erth is; ugly, rude, selfish, evil, lazy etc. and that I think every white woman is some sort of goddess who can do no wrong. Its just so far from the truth, this blog was created for people; black men, white men, women of all races and men of all races at that to admire and talk about the white woman. What is so wrong with that? NOTHING! That’s why I dont like the Abagond guy, he had the nerve to get angry at me for my preference when he has an open preference!

So Tamara let me say yes there are some beautiful black women out there, and some ugly white women. Thats humanity. However I do believe that per ratio there are more beautiful white women than black women. Not to use a material comparison, becuase I dont like to think of women like objects and don’t even think about giving me that “then why do you post nude women” crap. I’m a dude, and if any dude tells you he doesn’t think sexually about attractive women he’s either a liar or gay. Back to the analogy: I want a Ferrari, I love Ferraris I look at pictures of Ferraris of all the time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good Chevy or Lamburgini for that matter.

So thanks Gabrielle and Freema, your beautiful and all but I’d rather have….

Olivia Wilde

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