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Okay, I don’t usually comment against what I usually do outside of White Goddess but… I’ve no choice and thanks I’m free here… So, I should have tell you to vote for Phun Hot 100 but I would have needed any of you to subscribe on the forums and send me a private message but as you can guess, they would have suspected something strange but my co-worker, tnameat, managed to send me a list so he casted his vote for the Phun Hot 100. Rankings are strange and we can see that many ones need to improve their tastes. When you see girls like Selena Gomez, Emma Watson or Vanessa Hudgens (how about Miley Cyrus) ruling over girls like Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Pinder, Kelly Brook, Candice Swanepoel, Holly Peers, Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker or even my current addiction, Melissa Debling, I’m right to ask myself some questions.


Do we like our girls younger or mature? I don’t know. Everyone got his own tastes but sometimes it’s just too much. We can’t expect girls like Selena or Vanessa to show off breasts or ass just because they’re popular over Internet or just… great. Yes, Selena and Vanessa are cuties and there’s no way I’ll deny it but I just can’t find myself enjoying these girls like I would for Melissa Debling, Holly Peers or Lindsey Strutt. I just don’t see the point. I like when girls are mature and look mature enough when doing what they usually do (modelling, acting, etc.). It’s the same for Taylor Momsen even if her concert pics are hot… Damn, she’s just 17! She’ll turn 18 soon and will she change her “stripping” ways? I don’t think. Some prefer dreaming with their second head instead of having some judgement. Instead of being realistic, they keep wanking and hoping for something fake!


But that’s not the worst! When you make a list, you’ve yourself some expectations… So I never expected to remove a girl from the final rankings! Yes, I did! Just because I couldn’t find a proper pic and because she’s a pure aberration : Amber Rose. Go see yourself if you’ve enough courage… And when you’ve a girl who turned famous because of a stupid sex tape like Kim Kardashian, there’s something wrong. Everyone seem to forget what she did. She’s featured on many magazines like a queen but everyone is forgetting the main point : she’s famous because she recorded her sexual acts! I wouldn’t say the same for Beyonce Knowles. Okay, she’s a good icon for black girls but that’s it. She’s a great artist but that’s it… I’ve no more opinion on her. I would say the same for Eva Longoria…


So… anything with bad contents sure has some good ones. Well, trust me they’re. I’m done with my bad mood so we can say that the TRUE queen of the Phun Hot 100 is Kelly Brook. Okay, I’m not a fan of her but recently, she lost her baby (she was pregnant and… well, I don’t know how to describe it in english because I speak french) so she was in some depressive moments. But she has been a favorite of many since her first days. She ended 2nd. Lucy Pinder finally made a step among the best by reaching, for the first time, the top 5! Vanessa Hudgens has been chosen as 1st but see what I was writing earlier. Mila Kunis, who was in Black Swan with Natalie Portman, ended 4th and our beach bunny and SI new favorite, Kate Upton, ended 5th as the highest new entry of the year.

Another great new entry to the list is Melissa Debling who, after a couple of pics from Nuts and her epic sets from her official website, is becoming a true favorite among Internet users and glamour models fans like me. I admit I’d some sort of influence because I’m a regular Phun user and I post her pics really often. We should also be happy for Scarlett Johansson, one of the sexiest actresses ever, being in the top 10 once more (8th), same for Lindsey Strutt (9th, was 6 last year as New Entry) and Kate Beckinsale (6th, lost the crown). Candice Swanepoel who was in 80’s finally managed to reach the 15th place! But I know that many ones would ask me about Rosie Jones, the so-called best model of all times in UK… this overrated piece of meat ended 10th! Yes, I don’t like Jones and I think it. But a fav. of many, Holly Peers, jumped from 45th to 17th which is probably the best thing on Phun Hot 100 this year. An happy side-note for Katy Perry, the sexiest singer in my opinion, who ended 18th, just under Holly!


For me, the true winners of Phun Hot 100 are Kelly Brook, Lucy Pinder, Kate Upton, Scarlett Johansson, Holly Peers, Lindsey Strutt, Candice Swanepoel and Melissa Debling.


Below are the pics I used for the true winners of Phun Hot 100, the ones I just named in the precedent paragraph.


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This year the winner of the best wife fantasy is the former wife of Ryan Reynolds whose now back on the market. Scarlett Johansson has become quite the sex symbol over the years but it seems she also is the woman men want to settle down with and wake up to every morning. So here’s to you Scarlett, now will you marry me? Or at least one of us….

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Iron Mans fans and Scarlette fans get ready. Scarlette is appearing in the new movie as the character Black Widow. Growing up I never was into Iron Man so I don’t know the story… I can however tell you she will be in a skin tight suit. That factor alone makes me want to see the movie! So if you like comic books, Iron Man, or you just like Scarlette I suggest you see this movie. Below is a picture of the movie poster.

[ Iron Man/ Iron Man 2 poster ©Marvel 2010 & © Paramount Pictures 2010]

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Now ladies and gentlemen…..mostly gentlemen I am here to announce the winners of the 2009 White Goddess Awards! Each of these winners and the runner-ups and heck eventually everyone who was nominated will get their own post but for now this is about the winners! A couple of surprises this year, but I already can’t wait for next year!

Best Breasts of 2009: Denise Milani Runner-Up: Scarlett Johansson

Best Ass of 2009: Jessica Biel Runner-Up: Denise Milani

Best Legs of 2009: Stacy Keibler Runners-up (tied): Megan Fox & Denise Milani

Best Face: Kate Beckinsale Runner-up: Lucy Pinder

Hair Color of Year: Brunette Runner-up: Blonde

Best Non-Nude Model: Denise Milani Runner-up: Marisa Miller

Best Nude Model: Lucy Pinder Runner-Up: Sophie Howard

Best Sex Fantasy: Denise Milani Runner-Up: Megan Fox

Best Wife Fantasy: Sophie Howard Runner-Up: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ugliest non-white media says is attractive: Tila Tequila Runner-up: Michelle Obama

Best Non-Model: Erin Andrews Runner-Up: Elisabeth Hasselbeck

White Goddess of the year: Denise Milani Runners-Up (Tied): Megan Fox & Penny Mathis

Hope you all enjoyed the results. I’m sure you’ll want to discuss them so feel free to do so!

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