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Jermaine Pennant may be one of the luckiest men on the planet. This black European football player already was engaged to a beautiful white woman when he met Alice Goodwin and then broke off the engagement for this beautiful creature. Now I’m not for breaking up relationships but it’s better to find out you still want to play the field before your married rather than after I have little tolerance for men or women who cheat once married. Anyway that’s besides the point, Jermaine is getting to lay with this queen tonight. Thanks to Roger for digging up this info and please enjoy the vid as a reward. Everyone else can watch it too, I’m sure you’ll find it pleasurable.

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The following is a real story I had with one of my dad’s business partners just two days ago. His name will be kept secret for some personal privacy reasons, so you’ll just have to believe me that this is true.


My dad’s business partner whom we will call Bill and his wife whom we shall call Nancy came over on saturday to hang out with my parents. Bill is a black man while Nancy is a gorgeous young white woman. Bill was talking to me and I told him about this blog and asked him if he would tell me about what he has to go through being married to a white woman, his story is inspiring.

He started off working his way up through the company right out of college he was a well educated good looking black man engaged to a black woman. He went to Howard University and all black college and so it was pretty easy to see how he ended up with a black woman. After finding a huge error in a quarterly report he was promoted. He got a new office and a raise but his fiance wasn’t satisfied saying that his office and pay weren’t as high as some of his white co-workers. Though Bill explained to his fiance that he had just been promoted and it would take some time she critcized him for becoming an uncle tom. As he would often play golf with some of the other co-workers it was a white dominated company and thus there weren’t many people of color working for them in the higher up fields. My dad hadn’t even been hired yet.

Bill would come back to his nice apartment and get nagged almsot everyday by his fiance aboout finding a house before they got hitched. Bill could not take it, but still felt he loved her and eventually married her. About a year into their marriage he was promoted once again, got a bigger office and araise not mention a healthy bonus. He was being recruited heavily by rival companies and they wanted him to stay on board.

Bill was not ready to have kids quite yet he wasn’t even 28 yet and wanted more time to feel he was mature enough to raise a kid but fully planned on impregnating his wife before age 30. Rival companies continued to heavily court Bill and their offers were tempting even though they would require him to move to New York away from his family in the Chicago area. So Bill’s company countered and hired a beautiful young secretary just out of college to work for him. Bill told me the first time he saw her his mouth dropped he had never seen a woman that beautiful before. But he was a faithful husband he was not going to cheat on his wife. The secretary’s name was Nancy.

About a month or two after Nancy was hired Bill was having touble preforming for his wife. To make things short he couldn’t keep it up with her anymore. This pissed off his wife a lot and now she added sexual performance of her list of things to nag about. Bill went on working and eventually gained a friendship with Nancy. The two went out to lucnh to eat twice a week and would get lost talking about many topics.

Eventually Bill realized he had more fun talking to Nancy than to his wife but he ignored his internal passions. Then he went on a business trip forĀ  scheduled two weeks but closed the deal early and thus returned home four days early. he felt guilty for having desires for Nancy and wanted to clear thoughts of Nancy out of his head. He decided to surprise his wife and came home to find her having an affair with another man! Furious he stormed out of the house and called the first person he thought of; Nancy.

He and Nancy met at a coffee house and talked about what happened. Nancy invited him to stay at her place and well….things happened. Bill divorced his wife and then married Nancy shortly after. He got a lot of heat from his family some who even accussed HIM of cheating on his wife with Nancy. But over 10 years later he and Nancy are one of the happiest couples I’ve ever met and Bill told me that many of his bosses seem to respect him more with a white woman around his arms.

Nancy who has had two kids is now a stay at home mom but must amdit is super sexy and looks like she’s still in college. Just a lovely story about true love finding a way.

Sexy White Secretary, don't you wish you had one?

Sexy White Secretary, don't you wish you had one?

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