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Alright people! Let’s get down to business! Its time to vote for the woman you think should win each individual category in the 2nd annual White Goddess Awards 2010! You may only vote once per category, so make it count and be sure to share with us if you’d like who you voted for! Percentages and results will be kept a secret until 2011 when the winners will be revealed. Click the “More” button to start voting. You only have 7 days to vote so get to it.


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So because nobody left feedback in the comments of the podcast download, I want to get votes on whether or not I should continue making the White Goddess podcast just leave a simple message with yes or no about it all. Also September 21st is national Honor White Women Day

Shay Laren approves of you voting

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Its another battle of the Busty Brits they must turn them out like potato chips over there! So here is your chance to vote who you think is hotter Sophie Howard or Lindsey Strutt?

Sophie Howard

Lindsey Strutt

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Everyone this is the list of official nominees for the prestigious White Goddess Awards for 2009. Here is how this works, you all vote for the winner and each category. Then I will post on the winner of each category. Sounds yummy right? Well get ready to vote!

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I rarely go into the politics in the sense of Democrat or Republican, but I just thought with all the attention Sarah Palin is getting its fair to ask: do you like her or hate her? She is a very polarizing figure I have not met a single person who was middle of the road about her.

Some feel she represents them, others feels she represents more of the worse side of America. Some feel she could be the next Ronald Reagan (which could be a good thing or bad thing) and some think she doesn’t even know what she’s doing (including former President George W. Bush.) So what do you think? Vote and leave a comment explaining your vote, should be an interesting discussion.

Sarah Palin 2012? Good thing or bad thing?

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Here are some new sexy Lucy Pinder football (soccer) pics. I love Lucy Pinder a lot, I think one day I’ll be able to tell my children about her great beauty!

Also wanted to thank my good friend over at Euro Models (http://www.euromodels.wordpress.com) for making our brand new banner hope you like it! Answer in the poll and leave comments!

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There have been some calls to possibly name this blog a different title than “White Meat” I have compiled a list of some suggestions I have gotten via e-mail, comment postings etc. Please vote in the poll “other” is an option if you vote other please post what the other name is and if there are enough votes for your “other” choice we will make a new voting poll to consider that name. Please keep in mind keeping the current name is an option as we will not be able to change the web domain unless I buy an upgrade which at this point I do not have the cash for. So for now please vote on a potential name change.

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