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I never was much of a fan of The Dukes of Hazzard but I did watch the movie to see Jessica Simpson in Daisy Dukes. Of course after seeing Milani in Daisy Dukes I realize that Jessica looks like a near stick figure in comparison. Maybe they should remake the movie and cast her, I’d be first in line to buy tickets.

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Heidi Klum and SEAL

I felt I should start off with some visual evidence first this time around. Yeah we’ve heard the stereotype. Black men get white women…ugly ones. I don’t get this one. This one actually can usually be put at fault of jealous white men. They usually tend to say black men get the bottom feeders in the white female race, suggesting they can’t get high class quality white women. (Though if you love someone their looks shouldnt matter much anyway). They seem to say white women are out of black men’s league. A preposterous statement.

Supermodel Heidi Klum and SEAL are just ONE example of the bevy of beautiful couples out there who are a black man and a white woman. Yes sometimes females of other races will feed out this propaganda that black men are usually with “fat, ugly white women” but I see this come more from white men. Whom are usually trying to compensate for their own sexual inadequacy.

The simple fact is, this is just a lie. I dont get angry about this one, because I feel this myth is one that most people recognize as a myth. Its still told as a story, like maybe Santa Claus. But most intelligent people know the truth.

No, this is not me and TNAMEAT

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Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh may have been one of the best duos since….well ever. These naturally busty British babes set the world on fire during their reign as modeling buddies. Today Lucy still carries on strong keeping the memory alive of when she and Michelle ruled the modeling world.

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So something that may happen when a black man and white woman gets together or a white woman and any different race is a bi-racial daughter. Now children are precious and a gift but here is the question?…Are these women hot? Controversial I know, but lets be real here for a second most bi-racial women take on the non-white traits. I’m not sure why genetics wise non-white traits are stronger but thats the way it is.

So where do these women rank in your “totem poll” of hotness? What do you feel on the topic of bi-racial women? I know some black men personally or via online who dont believe in having kids with a white woman due to risk of having bi-racial daughter. So instead they just either don’t have kids or adopt usually from Europe or here in the states. Now I personally would never go that far, if i have a daughter I believe she will be beautiful, and while some men may not like her looks (men like the ones who frequent this blog) I know some will. And thats just fine.
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There is no reason for this pic, besides fact I wanted to post it.

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I’ll be honest I dont know much about the lovely Katie Clearly except for the fact that she was on the hit CW show “America’s Next Top Model” but lets be honest….do you really need to know much more about her?

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Kylie of camwithher breaks out in this now cult classic/iconic video that just represents much of her sexual allure. It one video that is sure to get the blood pumping!

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Denise Milani and Jamie Hammer at the beach together. I’m sure all the men were hoping the water was extra cold that day. Who can resist two beautiful white women showing off the goods on a nice sunny day?

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